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Harmony Fine Arts plans organize great art and music appreciation resources into the classical four-year cycle of history and seasons each week with a Charlotte Mason flavor.

These plans are available for Grades 1-12 and will offer families three different options for art study and a detailed plan for music appreciation.

Each flexible and easy to use 32-36 week plan includes notebooking pages, coloring pages and YouTube links for art tutorials and listening to classical music.

Practical Homeschool Award 2016 Harmony Fine Arts

What more details?

Print these charts for more information about Harmony Fine Arts

Overview Chart -grades 1-12 general descriptions
Artist & Composer List – Grades 1-4 – specific artists and composers
Artist & Composer List – Grades 5-8 – specific artists and composers

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Harmony Fine Arts Frequently Asked Questions and Links

What Parents Think

Thank you for providing a quality art and music curriculum. It is a great value, and I love that all the links are right there, and we really have very little prep work to do each week. Both of my boys have gotten so much out of our first year with your curriculum.

Leslie G.

The sounds fill our home. The boys – LOVE – the lessons. We draw, listen, discuss, and it lasts through the week. They have started sitting on the front row of church to watch the musicians play, watch their fingers, imitate. Imitate. Imitate. My heart is full.

Angie from Petra School

My favorite thing about Harmony Fine Arts wasn’t the schedule, though. It was the three options provided that allow you to do just a little picture and composer study or follow a more in-depth art program.

Kris from Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

For this mama, using HFA plans is easy. I just click to open the plans, click to print what we might like to complement our studies, click to print a coloring page for the younger ones. Not to mention, this type of enrichment is pure delight. It might just be what your homeschool needs too.

Tricia from Hodgepodge

I already regret not getting HFA in years past. Planning for artist and composer study is not hard, yet why exert the effort when someone else has done such an outstanding job with it? Barb lays out all you need for a weekly artist lesson and a weekly composer study.

Jimmie from Jimmie’s Collage