Come Look With Me: Animals in Art

Come Look With Me! Animals in Art by Gladys S. Blizzard

Animals in Art

We have enjoyed this book tremendously in the past few years. I highly recommend this book for introducing your young ones to art. It has text that goes along with the prints and includes questions so that you can discuss each painting with your child. I find it very enjoyable to read over and over again. I might check the library before purchasing this book because it is a very popular series that you may find that you can borrow.

My son was inspired to draw his own cat after reading the book. I always encourage my boys to draw something from the art appreciation books that we read. In a way it is “copying” but I think imitating an artist’s style helps them learn to solve their own drawing or painting problems. Art is just a way of solving problems. You learn to make things look real, you learn perspective, you learn balance, you learn design, and so much more when you are drawing or painting.

You can read my full review over on The Curriculum Choice: Come Look With Me Art Books. 

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