John Constable-Anyone Can Do Picture Study!

John Constable Artist Study @harmonyfinearts

If you are using the classical method of homeschooling or if you are a Charlotte Mason family, you can use these links to study an artist that not many have heard of in their travels through life. I came to appreciate his art last year when I was researching materials for my Harmony Fine Arts program. He lived from 1776-1837 so he fits in with the third cycle of history for classically schooled children.

John Constable
British Romantic

Cloud Study 1822
The Cornfield 1826
Hampstead Heath, Looking Towards Harrow 1821
Rainstorm off the Coast at Brighton 1824-1828

Short Biography

It’s as easy as that.

  • You can have your children view the artwork online and then narrate back what they see.
  • Read the biography and then write a short one paragraph summary for their notebook.
  • Print out the portrait for your timeline.
  • Make sure to have your child describe the clouds in each painting because they are all so different and beautiful in their own way.

john constable portrait

Give it a try. I will be adding different artists and composers throughout the school year for you to enjoy.

John Constable is included in depth in the Harmony Fine Arts Grade 7 art plans.

Grade 7

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