Artistic Pursuits Jr. High-Book Review

Artistic Pursuits Junior High @harmonyfinearts

This has been a great start to a new year as far as art appreciation.
We are using Artistic Pursuits Junior High Book 2 this year and the boys
are learning how to use oil pastels. We have used the medium before
but now they are getting to see the advantages of using oil pastels.
They can blend more easily than with colored pencils. They get more
color on the paper with oil pastels. They are a bit messier but if you
apply a fixative when you are done they will not smear.
Matisse oil pastelThis is my son’s copy of a Matisse that he drew using oil pastels.

Plants with Oil pastel
This is an outdoor scene done with oil pastels

I highly recommend this series of art books for all grades
and skill levels. We are enjoying them so much and the boys
are able to read the lesson themselves and go on their way to
working on the projects. I usually hover over them and make sure
they stay on task and sometimes I even join in and draw with them.
They love it when I complete the same projects at the same time.
We are really learning together.

If you have oil pastels on your art shelf and you haven’t used
them yet this year, I encourage you to do so. I know that we
sometimes hold back with the more expensive art supplies until
we are ready to do “real” art but even your younger children will
benefit from trying new things. Oil pastels are a great alternative
to crayons and markers.


This book is used in Harmony Fine Arts Grade 8 plans.
Harmony Fine Arts Grade 8

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