Ideas or Filling a bucket

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“When a child is very young, it doesn’t seem to make any difference what philosophical idea we had when we educated them, whether we had the notion of filling a bucket, writing on a blank slate, molding a lump of clay, or nourishing a life. But as the child grows, we’ll come to find that the only things that are assimilated into who he becomes are the ideas that fed and nourished his mind. Everything else is tossed aside, or, even worse, becomes an obstacle that can even harm him.”
Charlotte Mason vol. 6 page 108-109

This is a quote to ponder. I started reading Charlotte Mason’s writings pretty late in the homeschooling game. I have had my moments where I doubted my early choices with my first two children and homeschooling. On further reflection, I realize the validity of this quote. I always included good ideas and principles in my homeschooling. It didn’t so much matter the materials I used or the way I used them if I offered up good ideas on a regular basis.

“A child’s inner life needs ideas in the same way that his physical body needs food. He probably won’t use nine-tenths of the ideas we expose him to, just like his body only assimilates a small part of the meals he eats. He’s very eclectic–he might choose this or that. We don’t need to be concerned about what he chooses, we just need to make sure that he has a variety of things offered to him, and in abundance.” Charlotte Mason vol 6. page 109

I can do that.

Harmony Art Mom

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