Sketching In Nature by Cathy Johnson

This book has been in my backpack all summer long. It has been packed along with me and been a companion while I worked on my nature journal. I carried this book, my nature journal, my watercolor pencils, a small paintbrush, and my field guides with me just about everywhere I went.

What I loved about it:
1. It goes beyond the basic tools needed to work in your nature journal.
2. It has a variety of mediums demonstrated: pencil, pen, watercolor.
3. It has lots of examples of how to show things that I want to include in my nature journal like trees, landscapes, water, plants, and birds.
4. There is a section on sketching with color and I really enjoyed practicing the techniques that go beyond just sketching with a pencil.
5. This book is small enough to fit in my nature pack but it has enough “meat” in it to last me for years to come.
6. This book is totally all about sketching in the outdoors so it is perfect for beginning nature journalists.

What I didn’t like about the book:
Hmmmmmm…..that’s a little tougher. I can’t think of a single thing that I don’t like about this book, it is that good.

I would highly recommend this book to homeschooling families that are looking for a way to learn to sketch in their nature journals.

Harmony Art Mom

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