Winter Art-Three Different Ideas

Winter has come to our neighborhood….

We had three inches of snowfall this morning so we called it an official “Snow Day” from regular schoolwork. I brought out the art supplies and we each made our version of a snow day painting. Actually the boys each decided to draw theirs and I used watercolors and chinese brushes….easy and great results. I was inspired by a YouTube video that I posted over on my nature blog from last week. Here is the link: How to Paint a Tree

This is my middle son’s drawing using black pastel paper and white oil pastels. Once again, he shows that gesture drawing style of his. Boy it looks cold in his drawing.

My youngest thought he would try using pen in his nature journal to record the snowy day. This is the view out our front window.

What a great day to enjoy our winter weather.

Hope this inspires some art around your house.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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