Harmony Fine Arts-New Plans! Ancient Art and the Orchestra-Middle School Level

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The new and improved Harmony Fine Arts plans for Ancient Art and the Orchestra-Middle School Level are ready. 

Harmony Fine Arts Ancient Art and the Orchestra

  • Prehistoric Art
  • Ancient Egyptian Art
  • Ancient Greek Art
  • Ancient Roman Art
  • Native American Art
  • Instruments of the Orchestra
  • Overview of Classical Composers from Vivaldi to Prokofiev

What does the eBook include?

  • 69 pages in length, including 9 custom notebook pages and 19 coloring book pages. Print a sample HERE.
  • You can view the resources needed HERE.
  • You can view a sample week in action here on my blog: Sample Week for Harmony Fine Arts
  • Three options for art appreciation and 1 option for music appreciation
  • Complete instructions and plans for 32 weeks of study
  • Option one includes all links for every featured work to study
  • Option two includes simple art activities to enhance option one picture study if you want a more complete art appreciation plan
  • Option two includes a step by step drawing book to go along with your study of Ancient Egyptian art
  • Option three is a schedule for completing Artistic Pursuits Grade 4-6 Book One. Please note that the Artistic Pursuits book covers American artists and will not tie into Option One or Two.
  • Music appreciation plans that include online listening, a study of the instruments of the orchestra, and an overview of classical music using the book, Story of the Orchestra
  • Six images for art study included in the eBook that you can print out to enhance your study of art
  • You can view the Harmony Fine Arts Grades 5-8 Overview Chart for a list of artists and composers included in each year plan. 
  • $17.44 for the eBook version.

This ebook is designed to be viewed and used on your computer because every link is clickable, but you can print the pages out if you want to have a hard copy to work from. All links are listed in the notes section.

Harmony Fine Arts Grade 5 Sample
You can download and print a Preview Sample that includes a complete list of topics and composers and a complete list of materials needed for each option for art and music appreciation. This preview will help you to see the convenience of using the eBook and the ease with which your art and music study will be available each week.

Although these plans were written with middle school age children in mind, there is great flexibility to use these plans with children either younger or older. Many families with multiple ages have enjoyed the Harmony Fine Arts plans. If you need help deciding if these plans are right for your family, please email me and I will help you come up with a plan that works for your particular family.

Please email me with any questions or comments and I will be happy to respond ASAP. harmonyfinearts@yahoo.com

I am really excited about these plans and I hope that they help more families include art and music appreciation in their homeschooling year.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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