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I am starting a new series here on Harmony Art Mom which will explain how various homeschooling methods are compatible with Harmony Fine Arts art and music appreciation plans. I will show how you can incorporate the Harmony Fine Arts options with your current homeschooling style. Because I wrote the plans to be flexible and adaptable for different ages, styles, and personalities, you will find that just about any homeschooling method will allow for Harmony Fine Arts plans to fit right into your week.

Harmony Fine Arts and Notebooking

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Harmony Fine Arts plans outline the use of follow-up notebooking pages. My hope is that if your child is ready to make a record of their artist and composer study, the pre-made pages will make that activity convenient and meaningful. The notebooking pages also provide a way to make your study go more in-depth for older or more advanced students.

Harmony Fine Arts Notebooking Samples

Every grade level has some sort of notebook page included, even the Harmony Fine Arts Mini-Units have notebook pages. Your child can choose to complete a notebook page for each artist and composer if they wish. You can click over to Harmony Fine Arts and view any of the samples to see which notebooking pages are included with each grade level: Harmony Fine Arts Sample Pages. with Harmony Fine Arts

If you have a Treasury Membership, you may wish to create your own additional pages using whatever style and materials your child enjoys. As my children grew older and their writing abilities matured, they needed more space to record their artist and composer study. Using both the free pages and the Treasury Membership from made that easy for them to fill their notebooks up with awesome pages.

If you are a notebooking family, you will be happy with the way Harmony Fine Arts suggests notebooking pages and gives you the tools to get started with a beautiful keepsake art notebook that you will add to from year to year.

Free Pages from – make sure to click the tab that say Arts.(You must be logged into your free members account in order to download the pages.)
Use discount code = discount10 to save $10 on your $20+ purchase at

Please Note: If your child is not ready for notebooking or they do not enjoy notebooking, you can still follow up with some oral narration instead. Keeping a timeline will also substitute for a notebook page. Do not force children to make notebook pages if they aren’t ready to do so since the aim of any fine arts plan is to develop and kindle a love of great art.

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