Tissue Stars – The Joy of Color

Adding Color to Your Day with Tissue Paper Stars – Inspiration from Creation

My middle son joined Instagram this week and he has been treating me to some awesome photos from his world. He posted a sky/sunrise/cloud photo this morning that made me actually get up and go look out the window to see the view myself. He reminded me that even during the coldest of mornings I can enjoy a view of all that grandeur and stop to say a few words of thanks for the gift of color and light.

Tissue Star for the Window @HarmonyFineArts

Which is why I stopped to notice our tissue star hanging in the window. The colors of that simple tissue paper star just made me happy on this winter morning….wish I had a few more of them taped up, perhaps in different colors. They are simple to make and my daughter is the one that inspired this particular tissue star when she was designing her last Hearts and Trees Kit.

They are super simple to fold if you get your paper square to start with. Here is a link to a simple explanation:

How to Fold Tissue Paper Stars.

Tissue Paper Star @HarmonyFineArts

You can also find the materials and instructions in the Winter Fun Kit from Hearts and Trees.  The kit includes enough tissue to create four to six stars. If you haven’t taken a look at Hearts and Trees before and you are looking for art and handicraft kits that include everything to get started, I highly recommend that you click over and read out the kits that are available now.

Hearts and Trees Winter Fun Kit @heartsandtrees

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