Surrealism Project: Rene Magritte


Surrealist Art Project

Surrealism is an art topic that I was hesitant to offer to my high schooler and to our homeschool art class. I was not feeling confident that I even understood what surrealism was enough to share it with my kids. After some online research and some deep breaths, the plans came together and we had a great time exploring this topic together. You can scroll down on this webpage and find a definition of Surrealism: All About Art – Surrealism.

At the beginning of the class, we viewed the artwork of Salvador Dali, Thomas Barbey, and Rene Magritte online and we viewed an art calendars featuring Thomas Barbey’s work.

I loved seeing and hearing the reactions to each piece of artwork.

  • Weird
  • Funny
  • Crazy
  • Amazing


Surrealist montage project

Our Surrealist Project – Rene Magritte

  • After viewing the artwork, I told the students we were going to make our own surrealist art by making a sort of collage using¬† magazine images along with an actual photo of themselves!
  • Surrealist project image
  • I had the children choose a pose – sitting, standing, laying down – whatever they wanted. I took a photo with my digital camera with the child filling the frame as much as possible.
  • I printed the photos out on 4″ by 6″ photo paper and distributed them to each child.
  • They took scissors and cut out their image to place in the collage of magazine images. I did make a “no blood and guts and no violence rule”. I also made a rule that they had to cover the entire page (no white space).
  • They were to make a surrealist inspired collage with the magazine images and their own photo.

Surrealist Collage Project

Tips for the Surrealist Project:

  • Don’t hand out the glue until they have their collage all arranged on their paper.
  • Cut as much of the background away from the magazine images as possible.
  • If they want to add words to their image, they need to cut the letters or words from the magazines…no pens or markers.
  • Mr. B wanted me to print his image smaller and to give him several copies. I used regular paper and printed his image in thumbnail size.

 Surrealist Collage with Digital Photo

Links For More Surrealist Project Ideas:

Modern Art Plans – Work in Progress

I will be gathering all of our art ideas from our study of Modern Art into one set of plans to share. I am hoping to get it done next month and have it all ready for you to download and print for future reference. I think we have all learned a lot about this period of art and have come to appreciate how fun it can be to create our own versions.


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