Homeschool Mom – Winter Goals

Winter always brings out the creative side in me. When the weather is good I like to be outdoors taking long walks and working in the garden but once the weather is cold I am content to be at my desk or in my studio creating things. I have been thinking about my winter list of things to do and came up with some ideas that I am excited about doing. I thought I would share it with you.

1. Finish my Grand Tetons stitchery and frame it. I am so close to completing this little project that it seems silly not to just sit and do it!

2. Clean out my recipe binder and try two new recipes. (Using Mom’s Toolbelt recipe book covers and spines.)

Crater Lake National Park

Vintage poster image from Ranger Doug’s store – Amazing! 

3. Finish decorating our newly remodeled bathroom. I would love to use some of these vintage national park posters in my bathroom but to frame them would cost a lot. I found some vintage Yosemite National Park postcards in my stash and I am going to use them instead.

4. Work in my scrapbook! I have not created any pages in so long and I am itching to spread out my supplies and dig in. I have our Yosemite trip photos from this past year ready to go and also a lot of important family events like Mr. B’s graduation to complete.

5. I want to create a new weekly chore list for myself.  My life has changed this year and I need to create a new cleaning routine…streamlined!

6. I am almost done making my emergency go bags but I really need to finish. I will share my resources when I finish.

7. Have a fire in the firepit at least once in December and once in January.

8. Snowshoeing!

9. Help my mom with a couple projects at her house. She needs me to help lift and carry things for her.

10. I have made it a personal goal to write cards or letters every day in the month of January. I have been gathering supplies and stamps for this goal.


I will keep you posted on how my winter goals progress….love seeing each item enjoyed and completed.


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