20% of Their Week For Developing an Interest

20 percent of their week for developing an interest @harmonyfinearts

Homeschooling high school age children allows you time to develop an interest or passion. Some of our  family’s best learning time was done during our project afternoons. This was a time that didn’t feel like school but was a time when my boys pursued their own passions. I was able to watch them develop their own interests in a way that made sense to them.

Google has in the past given their employees 20% of their week to pursue their passion. 

For the average homeschooler, an academic year equals 180 hours or 5 hours per day. Giving back 20% of the time would mean that one hour per day would be opened up for following a passion. In our family we created what we call “project time” in the afternoons which allowed the boys to pursue their interests with little or no interference from me. I was there to mentor, provide materials, or listen when things did not turn out as expected.

Let’s face it. Once our children are out of school they will have 100% of their time to do what they want, to follow whatever path they want. Can we help them face the decisions about what to do next with a little more confidence?

Are you showing them now that  “education is a life”.

We should all feel like we are learning something new all the time…it is what makes life exciting.

Children need some freedom to learn what they are interested in.

How about you? Could you allow some free time for creative self-directed projects in your homeschooling day?


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