Art Inspired by Nature

Art Inspired By Nature @harmonyfinearts

Nature is truly the source of inspiration for some of the world’s greatest art. Finding refreshment outside while viewing the landscape makes us feel more creative. Helping our children tap into that source of creative juice is easier than you think. Find a way to spend some time outside and bring along some paints or colored pencils with your notepad, taking a few minutes to record what you see.

Here are a few paintings to inspire you and your young artists. Take a few minutes to talk about how each of these paintings was inspired by the natural world. I love the way paintings are not like photographs…the artist can change things as they create their own unique view of the world.

Three Trees in Grey Weather Monet

Three Trees in Grey Weather by Claude Monet


mont-sainte-victoire-1887 Cezanne

Mont Sainte Victoire 1887 by Paul Cezanne


Open Window At Collioure

Open Window At Collioure by Henri Matisse

Another way to inspire art from nature is to use natural materials. I have collected a whole Pinterest Board of ideas for you to take a look at, pick one, and try it this week!
If you don’t see the Pinterest widget here in this entry, you can click this link: Nature Study – Crafts on Pinterest by Harmony Art Mom.

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