Harmony Fine Arts – Summer Sale!


Harmony Fine Arts

Art and Music Appreciation

Back to School Sale!


25% Bonus Discount!

Only valid until 7/31/17

Use the code: greatart25 and receive 25% off your purchase of any year plan (ebook version only, grades 1-8). This code will be valid until 7/31/17. You can use the code more than once. Make sure to add the coupon on the shopping cart page and not at checkout if you are having trouble with the code.

Discount Code = greatart25

Harmony Fine Arts Purchase Now button

Each purchase enters you in a drawing for an Amazon Gift Card!

Also for every purchase your name will be entered into a random drawing for a $25 Amazon Gift Card! Purchase more than one grade of Harmony Fine Arts and receive another entry!


I love back to school planning and I hope that my Harmony Fine Arts plans will help you get some art and music appreciation into your school year! Make sure to look at a sample if you aren’t sure how the plans work. They are a simple but flexible way to get started with art and music appreciation in your family.

Link to sample pages: Harmony Fine Arts Samples.


If you need some help picking a grade to start with in your family, send me an email and I will be happy to help. harmonyfinearts@yahoo.com


Winner of the Amazon gift card will be informed on 8/2/17.

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