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Once a Month Art Supply- Coloring Books

Coloring Books for Adults @harmonyfinearts

The adult coloring book craze is everywhere! I even saw some interesting books at my grocery store this week! Our family has been using Dover Publications coloring books for many years in our homeschooling artist study and for free time recreation. You can find my review and tips for using Dover Publications coloring books here in this entries: Dover Coloring Books.

Here are my favorite coloring books that I go to over and over. I am hoping these selections help you get started. Now with the many quality adult coloring books available, it is easy to offer amazing opportunities for everyone in your family to enjoy some relaxing fun using the art media of your choice.

Confession: I have become a little addicted to watching episodes of all my favorite Food Network shows online. I may not be much of a cook but I am inspired to be better by all the great chefs I watch. Keeping my hands busy while I watch (or listen) helps me not feel too guilty about taking this time for myself. This is where I learned to cook Tequilla Lime Chicken while coloring with pencils.


Impressionist Art MasterPieces @harmonyfinearts

Impressionist Art Masterpieces to Color

I especially like the way these designs are printed on only one side of the paper so you use markers or watercolors without worrying that you are ruining the design on the backside. Every painting included in the book has a full color image on the cover of the book to guide you in recreating your masterpiece.  Impressionist Art Masterpieces to Color is included in Harmony Fine Arts grade 1 (option 3) plans!

 Art Masterpieces Dover Coloring Book @harmonyfinearts

Art Masterpieces to Color

This is my most used coloring book of all time. All of us in our family have enjoyed the selection of paintings included in this book. The pages are printed on one side only just like the Impressionist book. You can see more of our Dover Publications coloring pages here in this Flickr Set: Dover Coloring Book Pages.

Tiffany Peacock Stained Glass @harmonyfinearts

Tiffany Designs Stained Glass Coloring Book

I am a huge fan of Tiffany glass and would love to someday have a window with some of these styles of art made with colored glass.

Simple Blessings Coloring Book @harmonyfinearts

Simple Blessings: Coloring Designs to Encourage Your Heart

I have been working in this book since October and I find it very calming. The simple designs and sayings are an encouragement to me and to those I give the final products as gifts. Sharing these pages seems only natural.

 Coloring Page Amanda @harmonyfinearts

My daughter has also been working on her own adult coloring book projects. It looks like she prefers Sharpie pens to create your artwork.

Coloring Page Amanda 2 @harmonyfinearts

Amanda said that both of these pages are from a book she found at Target. She found the link to the product on Amazon: Floral Wonders | Color Art for Everyone
Please note that the links in this entry are affiliate links to products I own and love.

You can read more Once a Month Art Supply Entries from the Archives!




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Sketch Tuesday – Comfort

Sketch Tuesday Drawing Assignments @harmonyfinearts small

Thank you to all of the Sketch Tuesday participants this week for the wonderful artwork…another beautiful slideshow for you to enjoy.

This week’s assignment: Sketch something you think of when you hear the word “comfort”.

Due Date: February 15, 2016.

Here is your slideshow from last week’s assignment: Sketch something with a handle.

Note: You may need to click over and view the slideshow on the Flickr website in order to see all the sketches.
Handle 20

All sketchers are welcome and there is no need to sign up. Send in your sketches in jpg format and mail them to: by Monday, February 15, 2016 and I will include them in Tuesday’s slideshow. Complete instructions are found by clicking the Sketch Tuesday tab at

Are you participating in Music Appreciation Monday here on Harmony Fine Arts? I encourage you to give this a try! This week we are listening to Handel.

Music Monday on Harmony Fine Arts Join us every Monday for a new musical selection.

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Music Appreciation Monday – Handel

Music Monday on Harmony Fine Arts Join us every Monday for a new musical selection.

Music Appreciation Monday – George Frideric Handel

I can remember listening to Handel’s Water Music many times with my children…maybe it is what inspired one of them to be a trumpet player! These are lots of fun to listen to and I have selected a famous piece for you to listen to this week. I hope you enjoy the bold sound of Handel.

Handel- Water Music (Alla Hornpipe)


This composer is featured in Harmony Fine Arts grade 3 plans if you would like to listen to more Handel.

Grade 3



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