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Mother’s Journal – November Thoughts

This is going to be a quick entry because I have a lot on my plate this week….my youngest son is visiting from New York and we are trying to fit in a lot of fun stuff.

Harmony Art Mom Mother's Journal November

Looking for photos to share, I realize I haven’t taken very many at all so far during his visit. I only have one more week so I better get some photos taken…at least a decent one of him with his dad and I. This was a dinner at Applebee’s earlier this week when we met up with my oldest son. We had a delicious meal and we had fun sharing and catching up.

Mothers Journal Apple Pie

When Mr. B called before his trip, he made sure that I knew he wanted to do some baking during his visit. He doesn’t have a kitchen where he is staying so he misses being able to make his favorite baked goods. First thing he made was this awesome apple pie! He has learned all of his skills from experience and a good cookbook….not from me.

Mothers Journal November

I found this image on my phone from the month and it reminded me of a weekend morning coffee date that I had with my husband. We make coffee at home every day but sometimes it is fun to treat ourselves to a cup while we are out running errands. This day was a cold day so the coffee was very welcome. We were trying to find a new bird feeder to replace the one that is broken in our yard. Coffee and birds…two of my favorite things. Plus I love the little cup lid stickers our drive thru coffee barn uses with little hashtag sayings. Cute!

November Mothers Journal Table

We had a gathering of friends last weekend and I created this very long table in my living room. I wanted to serve the meal family style and have everyone around the same table. The menu was simple so I could concentrate on visiting with friends instead of slaving over a stove. It is a lot of effort to create these occasions for memory making but I love seeing everyone enjoying themselves as we eat together. After we cleared the table, we played games!

Mothers Journal November

I thought I would include this image in November’s post…definitely something that feeds my mother’s soul. I can borrow my friends kids and share the joy of watching them grow into awesome people inside and out. I have at least one afternoon a week with this girl, Miss T. She is my nature loving counterpart and we share a love of being outdoors and learning about creation together.

Happy end of November!

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Harmony Fine Arts Cyber Weekend Sale

Harmony Fine Arts Cyber Weekend Sale @harmonyfinearts


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From now until Midnight, Monday, December 4, 2015 you can receive a special 40% Discount on any Harmony Fine Arts ebook plans (grades 1-8). You can use the code more than once! Please note the coupon will not work on any of the bundles, only single year plans grades 1-8.


Harmony Fine Arts provides plans for great art and music appreciation resources into the Classical four-year cycle of history. Each year includes a Charlotte Mason style picture study and follow up activities. These plans are available for Grades 1-12 and will offer families three different options for art and a detailed plan for music appreciation. Each flexible and easy to use 32-36 week plan includes notebooking pages, coloring pages and YouTube links that feature art tutorials and classical music.

The flexible options make fitting art and music into your busy homeschooling week easy and enjoyable.

Please download and give our sample lessons and Materials Lists a closer look. Each four week sample includes details for every option available. You are also welcome to visit our Free Downloads page and find many fun and exciting plans to use in your homeschool. Another great resource for learning more about Harmony Fine Arts is our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 plans are the most popular year here at Harmony Fine Arts. With the discount code above, you can give these well-loved plans a try for around $10! You will enjoy a whole year of art and music appreciation all organized and ready to go. See this entry for more details on what a typical week using Harmony Fine Arts looks like: Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1.


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Sketch Tuesday – Crackers

Sketch Tuesday Drawing Assignments @harmonyfinearts small

I know this is a busy time of year and fitting in some sketching takes some effort. So, thank you so very much to the families that took that time and created such awesome sketches for us and submitted them for the slideshow. I do very much appreciate your inspiration!

This week’s assignment: Sketch some crackers.

Due Date: November 30, 2015.

Here is your slideshow from last week’s assignment: Adventure!

Note: You may need to click over and view the slideshow on the Flickr website in order to see all the sketches.
Adventure 12

All sketchers are welcome and there is no need to sign up. Send in your sketches in jpg format and mail them to: by Monday, November 30, 2015 and I will include them in Tuesday’s slideshow. Complete instructions are found by clicking the Sketch Tuesday tab at


Harmony Fine Arts Cyber Weekend Sale @harmonyfinearts

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