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Music Appreciation Monday – Mozart’s Horn Concerto

Music Monday on Harmony Fine Arts Join us every Monday for a new musical selection.

Welcome to the second week of Music Appreciation Monday here on Harmony Fine Arts. Last week was a huge success around here and we ended up listening to the featured piece many times throughout the week. I am finding that dinner time is a great time to listen and enjoy. How did your family do with your listening of the Schubert piece?

Ready to listen to this week’s selection? Click below and get started.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Horn Concerto No. 4 in Eflat Major (Rondo, Allegro)

This piece features the french horn. How would you describe its sound?
Music Word of the Week is Allegro = played in a brisk or lively way

This composer is featured in Harmony Fine Arts grade 2 plans if you would like to learn more and listen more to Mozart’s music for your music appreciation course.


Harmony Fine Arts Grade 2 Art and Music Plans

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Once a Month Art Supply- Sakura Metallic Gel Pens

Sakura Metallic Gel Pens Review and Printable


As a new feature here on the Harmony Fine Arts blog, I want to showcase and review one art related product each month. This month….gel pens!

Sakura Assorted Colors Metallic Gel Ink Pen Set (my affiliate link)
- One of my favorite art supplies that I use over and over….these gel pens never disappoint me!

Sakura Metallic Gel Pens in a Journal

The wonderful thing about these pens is the smooth way they glide onto the paper. They have a roller ball tip and this I think is what gives such a wonderful feel to the way they write. I use them in my scrapbook, my art journal, my nature journal, and I even use them to sign my name in greeting cards. They have sort of become my “signature” pen.

The great thing about these pens is that they have archival ink so when I journal in my scrapbook I know that my words are going to last on the page.  You can write on light or dark paper with these gel pens

Doodle Ideas Page from

Print this page using the link below.

  • I love to doodle and these metallic gel pens are perfect for doing all sorts of fun things to add some style to a page or piece of artwork. The .4mm tip is perfect for writing and making simple scrolls and curvy lines on a page. They also are great for highlighting a sketch and adding a little sparkle to a page title.
  • The package says they can be stored vertical or horizontal which is handy because I like to keep them in a cup on my desk. I also have a set in with my nature journaling supplies so I am never without them when I create a page away from my desk.
  • Depending on the paper, I have had them smear a little if the page is glossy like a greeting card. In my nature journal on mixed media paper and in my scrapbook they don’t smear, bleed, or show through the page.
  • I love that you can use them on white or black paper….handy!
  • I purchased a set of 10 pens for $11.85 on and I have purchased my favorites individually at the craft store for around $1.25 each.
  • Here is the link for the download of the printable doodle page above: Doodle Ideas Page.

I purchased these pens myself…have several sets in my art stash….love them to bits!

Sakura Assorted Colors Metallic Gel Ink Pen Set
My Affiliate Link

 Making room for creativity for older students @harmonyfineartsGlimpse into our creative space and some tips for organizing all the art supplies.

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Creating Art Appreciation Goals for the Year…Or More

Creating Art Goals for Homeschoolers


Creating art appreciation goals helped our family to become a family of art lovers. It wasn’t anything fancy or complicated that grew the love of art inside their hearts. It was just the simple act of offering a few minutes a week to slow down and get to know some pretty amazing artists, together in a relaxed way. I know many of my readers are new to my blog and I thought it might help you if I pull some ideas from my archives to share on this topic. The ideas below have all been tested in my family and I would say they are my best tips on how to create art appreciation goals in your family and enjoy the journey.


Art Appreciation Goals:

These are the original art appreciation goals I came up with for my family over a decade ago. They really were what Harmony Fine Arts grew from as far as format and content. If you want a premade plan based on these goals, you may wish to look into the Harmony Fine Arts plans available here on my website. I would encourage you to look at the top of the page, click the sample pages button, and then download a print a sample to look at closely. They may be just what you need to get started with art appreciation in your family this week!

  • 1. Be familiar with and able to identify at least 30 major works of art by the end of high school. (artist’s name, title of the painting, and the time period) This would be approx. 4 pieces per year between 4th and 12th grades.
  • 2. Be able to view a painting and discuss the elements of the painting.
  • 3. Be familiar with the major periods of art in order to place a piece chronologically on a timeline.
My Best Hints
  • Use a series of artwork from one artist and that will help define for your children the artist’s style. Pick four paintings you like and share those one at a time.
  • Closely observe and enjoy one painting at a time, increasing your child’s awareness of what it means to have a “style”. View the artwork together and have your children tell you what they see in the painting…many people call this narration or picture study. Most paintings have some sort of story to tell, encourage your children to try to guess the painting’s story.
  • Keep the artwork you are studying in plain sight for a period of time. Make the painting your computer’s desktop background or have a print of the painting in a prominent place where you spend time each day.
  • After you have studied two or more painters, begin to compare and contrast the artists. How are they different and how are they similar? Over time this will help your child learn more about the periods of art history but in the beginning, just make casual observations.
  • Come up with a way to review the artists from time to time. Keep your prints in a notebook, binder, or folder. Pull them out at the end of each term and spend a few minutes going back over the various paintings and artists. This is a fun time for children once they start to accumulate a number of artists. Keep the mood light and do not make it like a test.

Getting Started with Young Children
1. Study one artist at a time.
2. Study at least four prints one at a time, using careful and casual observation.

To Add a Little More Depth or For Older Children
3. Follow up with learning the name of the painting and the artist’s name if desired.
4. Store the prints in a three ringed binder or in a spiral sketchbook and review at the end of each term.

To Include a “Hands-On” Activity
5. Follow up with a coloring page from a Dover Coloring Book if desired or sketch a part of the painting or the whole thing.

Remember that your goal is to spark a love for great artwork. This goal is one that can be achieved using any artist that suits your family.

Would you like the tips above in a printable format for your homeschool planner? Here you go!

Creating Art Appreciation Goals from Harmony Fine Arts

Creating Art Appreciation Goals from Harmony Fine Arts

Print a copy for yourself and make sure to pin this on Pinterest for all your friends to see as well. You can see more of my art ideas here: Art Ideas on Pinterest from Harmony Art Mom.

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