Homeschool High School Encouragement

This is the time of year that I always needed some encouragement and a big push to get started with another year of homeschooling, especially when high school came to our homeschool. I have gathered below some of my favorite high school encouragement below for you to read and apply in your family.


Education is Life

Homeschooling for Life and Not a Lifestyle: Charlotte Mason stressed the idea that education was more than books and specific activities. In my opinion, she was showing us how to educate our children for life….Education is a Life. The idea was to educate the whole person in order to have an abundant life. If we remember that a Charlotte Mason homeschool is defined not by the activities we offer but by keeping the principles in mind, we can all help our children to experience more than a lifestyle as depicted in a book…Read More.


Education is a Discipline: Four Habits that have Made a Difference: The discipline of building good habits brings about a real education, setting the stage for a child to be happy and successful with far less effort into their adulthood. Reflecting on our homeschooling experiences, I think there are some habits of discipline that have paved the way to making our days go along smoothly and enjoyably together…Read More.


Helping the Visual Spatial Learner: I started homeschooling feeling quite confident in my ability to teach. My oldest two children made me look pretty good as far as being a teacher. My daughter is a linguistic learner which fits a more traditional school model. She can read, narrate, and write with ease because words are her strong-point. My oldest son is a quiet intrapersonal/mathematical learner. This also fits a pretty traditional way of schooling. Then along came my third child, Mr. A. All the old tricks didn’t seem to work with him no matter how hard I tried…Read More.


Self Education – Not the Same as Unschooling: I am not leaving the direction of our homeschooling totally up to them or to chance. Self-educating defines our method after choosing courses and then how we offer those courses within our homeschooling goals for the year. I talk a lot about goals and pursing specific skills here on the blog so it will be no surprise that I feel that is where the self-education begins. Once we have goals and skills desired for the year defined, our courses are chosen, focus is sharpened, and the boys have input about how the direction of our homeschooling is going. …Read More.

Keeping Motivated Square

So What Keeps Me Motivated: Sitting in my little house in my ordinary neighborhood surrounded by empty houses and no other homeschoolers, how do I stay motivated? This question rattles around in my brain every week, especially now that I have high schoolers. How do I keep up the energy, the passion, the enthusiasm after all these years? ….Read More.


In case you want to read some more here on my blog, you can click the links below.

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I love helping families with their homeschooling…especially for high school so let me know if you have a particular question you can’t find here on my blog and I can perhaps craft a new blog entry to help you out. Email me directly or you can leave a comment.




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Homeschool Nature Study – Autumn Nature Study with the OHC

Autumn nature Study continues Ebook Cover 3D

I just finished and published my next ebook over on Handbook of Nature Study! This ebook has been a long time coming and it will start a new seasonal series of nature study based on the Handbook of Nature Study..completely new topics, challenges, resources, notebook pages, and inspiration from our family to yours.

I am super excited to share with you some of the details of this new ebook and how you can join us for another autumn season of exploring your own neighborhood.

Included in the Outdoor Hour Challenge Autumn Nature Study Continues Ebook:
  • 15 challenges centered on the Handbook of Nature Study plus 1 bonus challenge
  • 40+ notebook pages (regular and advanced options) and 15 coloring pages
  • Ten Charlotte Mason style exam questions
  • Full color images for each challenge in the ebook (separate pages so you can choose whether to print them or not)
  • Complete instructions for each challenge included additional links, videos, and resources
  • Nature journal suggestions
  • Complete list of supplies needed
  • Sample to view: OHC Autumn Nature Study Continues Ebook Sample
  • 98 pages!

Here is a list of the specific challenges included in this ebook:

  • Garden Flower – Salvia
  • Weeds – Teasel
  • Weeds – Burdock
  • Reptile Study – Lizards (Geckos and Anoles)
  • Tree Study – Ash
  • Tree Study – Hemlock
  • Tree Study – Witch Hazel
  • Tree Study – Staghorn Sumac
  • Fungus Study – Stinkhorns
  • Fungus Study – Bracket Fungi
  • Mammal Study – Pig
  • Star Study – Casseopeia’s Chair, Cepheus, and the Dragon
  • Rock Study – Mica
  • Bird Study – Belted Kingfisher
  • Bird Study – Hawks
  • Winter Berries (not in the Handbook of Nature Study)

You will need to have a copy of the Handbook of Nature Study to use with the suggestions in the ebook. You can purchase a copy from or you can use an online version. The version I use is ISBN 0801493846.

Each week I will be sharing one of the challenges here on the blog which means you can follow along without a membership if you subscribe to my blog. You can subscribe by entering your email address in the subscription box at the top right of my website. After you enter your name, you will need to confirm your subscription by responding to the email that will come to your inbox.

Where Can I Get The New Ebook?

This ebook will not be sold separately but will be added to the Ultimate and Journey levels of membership here on the Handbook of Nature Study.

If you are a member of the Ultimate or Journey levels here on the Handbook of Nature Study, you will find the ebook listed in your library after you log into your account. The ebook version available to members includes all of the notebook pages, coloring pages, and color images. I highly recommend purchasing a membership for all the added benefits for each and every challenge.

Handbook of Nature Study Ultimate Naturalist Library






Harmony Fine Arts Sale and Giveaway!!!

Harmony Fine Arts Back to School Giveaway @harmonyfinearts

It’s that time of year again! Time for a special sale and giveaway here on Harmony Art Mom. Each purchase enters your name into a giveaway for one of the following prizes. I will randomly pick winners on 9/1/14.

You will not want to miss the opportunity to get a 25% discount on Harmony Fine Arts PLUS for every purchase be entered into a giveaway for a whole list of prizes.

Use the discount code once you have loaded your Harmony Fine Arts plans into your shopping cart for 25% off your entire order, including bundles and mini-units!

Discount Code: BACK2SCHOOL

Harmony Fine Arts Back to School Sale Discount

 Giveaway Prizes! Over $250 in Prizes!

Handbook of Nature Study Ultimate Naturalist Library

Ultimate Naturalist Library Membership from Handbook of Nature Study – Value $45


Lifetime Membership to Value $$99.95

chalk pastel bundle image

Chalk Pastel Bundle from Southern Hodgepodge- Value $44.99.

Classical Copywork button

Classic Copywork $10 gift certificate

Squilt Bundle

Squilt Composer Study- Bundle – Value $26.99

Hands on Homeschool

Hands On Homeschool ebook from Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers (5 copies)- Value $5.95 each

Still Life Unit Study from Hearts and Trees

Hearts and Trees Still Life Art Project (5 copies) – Value $4.95 each

Harmony Fine Arts Back to School Sale Discount


If you have ever wanted to give Harmony Fine Arts a try, this is your opportunity to choose a simple to use art and music appreciation plan AND have your name entered into the giveaway for some fun and valuable resources!

Make sure to check out the samples link at the top of Harmony Fine Arts to download and view a sample from each grade level. Also, if you have any questions, please email me or leave a comment.

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