“Pleasures of Winter”



“When there’s frost or snow on the ground, children have fun sliding, throwing snowballs and building from snow. But even when the snow is slushy and dirty, or the sky is gray, they should have interesting things to do outside so that their hearts are cheerful even when the day is cold and dreary.”
Charlotte Mason (in modern English) volume 1 page 85

I normally talk here on this blog about art and music and my love for both as part of my family life and my business. But, there is also the love I have for the great outdoors and the study of the things found there. This week I’m sharing a post from my archives that hopefully will give you some incentive to get outside even though it is the winter season. I’ve embraced cold weather nature study since moving to Oregon and have found the benefits of even a few minutes a day outside far outweigh the inconveniences of being cold.

Please click over to read my thoughts on “The Pleasures of Winter”.

Have you checked out my nature study website lately?


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Winter Wednesday ebook

Here is one of the winter ebooks that you can find in the Ultimate Naturalist Library membership. We are currently working through the nature study ideas together each Friday. You can download a sample here: Winter Wednesday ebook sample. 


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Sketch Tuesday – Candy

Sketch Tuesday Drawing Assignments @harmonyfinearts small

All of our snow has melted but many of you look like you had plenty of inspiration for this week’s sketch. Thank you for sharing your work.

Current assignment: Sketch some candy.

Due Date: Monday, January 22, 2018.

Here is this week’s slideshow: Sketch something you do in the snow. 
Snow 8

All sketchers are welcome and there is no need to sign up. Send in your sketches in jpg format and mail them to: sketchtuesday@yahoo.com by Monday, January 22, 2018 and I will include them in Tuesday’s slideshow. Complete instructions are found by clicking the Sketch Tuesday tab at HarmonyFineArts.com.


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Music Appreciation Monday – Mozart Again

Music Monday on Harmony Fine Arts @harmonyfinearts.org Join us every Monday for a new musical selection.

Music Appreciation Monday – Wolfang Amadeus Mozart (for the month of January 2018)

As I explained last week, we are going to focus on one composer for a whole month to show the benefits of focusing on one composer at a time. We will have one musical selection for the first two weeks of the month, allowing enough time to fit it into your busy schedule or making it possible to listen more than once.

After you have listened to the selection on Youtube, have a short discussion with your children about the experience. If you would like to keep track of your listening to a particular composer, I invite you to read this entry and see how we did this in our family: Listening to Great Music – For Children and Moms Too.

Mozart Listening Log @harmonyfinearts

Download a free Listening Log Sheet to use with your family. This log is not necessary but will help your older or more advanced student keep a record of composers they have listened to over a period of time. We kept adding to these pages from year to year, even up into high school. I even have my own logs!


I hope you enjoy the new format of Music Appreciation Monday because I really think it is going to create a richer listening experience for all who participate.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Clarinet Concerto in A Major


HFA Grade 1 Cover Image

This composer is featured in Harmony Fine Arts grade 1 plans if you would like to learn more and listen more to Mozart’s music for your music appreciation course.

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