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Back to School Sale!


25% Bonus Discount!

Only valid until 8/1/16.

Use the code: SCHOOLTIME25 and receive 25% off your purchase of any year plan (ebook version only, grades 1-8). This code will be valid until 8/1/16. You can use the code more than once. Make sure to add the coupon on the shopping cart page and not at checkout if you are having trouble with the code.

Discount Code = SCHOOLTIME25

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Each purchase enters you in a drawing for an Amazon Gift Card!

Also for every purchase your name will be entered into a random drawing for a $25 Amazon Gift Card! Purchase more than one grade of Harmony Fine Arts and receive another entry!

Free Gift With Purchase!

Purchase before 8/1/16 and I will send you in a separate email my Vermeer mini-unit.

Vermeer Haydn Cover Button 2

This mini-unit features Johannes Vermeer and Joseph Haydn and will plan out six complete weeks of art and music appreciation using online links, notebooking pages, and additional art activities. It is perfect as an introduction to art appreciation or as a supplement to your history studies.


Harmony Fine Arts Back to School Sale and Free Mini Unit 2016

Click over and make your purchase. I will be sending the free mini-unit in a separate email within 24 hours. Winner of the Amazon gift card will be informed on 8/82/16.




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Harmony Fine Arts Grade 7 – Substitute for Watercolor Plans

Harmony Fine Arts Grade 7 Watercolor Supplemental Plans


Many of you have emailed regarding the book suggested and scheduled in the Harmony Fine Arts Grade 7 plans, Watercolor for the Artistically Undiscovered. I realize it is no longer in print and the used copies are not satisfactory because the pages may have been painted already. I have looked high and low to find a substitute for this book so that I could update the plans. I have been unsuccessful in finding that replacement resource.

Instead, I have gone ahead and created a supplement for the plans that gives you specific links to internet resources and lesson plans that you can use instead. This will be posted on the Harmony Fine Arts Grade 7 product page as a free download. I will also list it on the Updates tab at the top of the blog.

Harmony Fine Arts Grade 7 Watercolor SupplementI am hoping this will make up for the loss of the scheduled book in the plans. I apologize for the inconvenience of having to click over to the supplement when you are working with your plans.

On the positive side, you will be saving money since you won’t need to purchase the book.

Download the supplement here: Watercolor Activities for Harmony Fine Arts Grade 7


Harmony Fine Arts Purchase Now button

 You can see all of the plans available at Harmony Fine Arts by clicking the button above.






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Sketch Tuesday – Beach Food Slideshow

Sketch Tuesday Summer Art Plans 2016 button @harmonyfinearts

Thank you to all of the families who sent in sketches this week for the slideshow. I realize this is summer break for many of you so it means a lot that you took time to share your artwork. There is no new assignment this week but there will be one posted in two weeks so watch for that coming into your email box. Note that all of the summer assignments are listed below.

Here is your slideshow: Sketch something you eat at the beach.

Make sure to click over to Flickr to see the complete slideshow.

Beach Food 7

Here is the summer schedule for Sketch Tuesday.
Make sure to mark the sketch deadlines on your calendar! Note that the slideshows will be the day after the deadlines.

Summer 2016

  • June 7, 2016 Assignment – deadline June 13, 2016
  • June 21 Assignment – deadline June 27, 2016
  • July 12 Assignment – deadline July 18, 2016
  • August 2, 2016 Assignment – deadline August 8, 2016
  • August 16, 2016 Assignment – deadline August 22, 2016
  • August 30, 2016 Assignment (two weeks to complete) – deadline September 12, 2016

Do you want to try some easy art appreciation?

Picasso portraits picture study

Use the ideas and printable in this entry to try some art appreciation with ANY artist you are interested in studying. There are lots of tips and resource links included at the end of this page for you to use in your family.

Picture Study Tips

Harmony Fine Arts Purchase Now button

If you are ready to have an easy plan for art and music appreciation for your family, click the button above to head to the Harmony Fine Arts store. If you need help choosing a year to start with, please email me with any questions: harmonyfinearts@yahoo.com.




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