Tchaikovsky for Elementary Age Students

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First of all, I am pleased to say that I can now spell “Tchaikovsky” without needing to check the spelling!

My boys have enjoyed Tchaikovsky’s music and are now able to pick it out when I play it at odd times around the house or in the car. There is something about the “big” sound of a Tchaikovsky piece that draws you into it.

You also may like listening to these podcasts on Classics for Kids: Tchaikovsky.

I highly recommend the Classical Kid’s Tchaikovsky Discovers America CD for elementary age students. I would suggest that you check your library before purchasing the CD since it is a bit expensive for something you will only use a few times. I have provided a link to below for you check it out.

I also like the Story of Tchaikovsky CD which includes a short biography with excerpts of his music as well as some full versions at the end. I have provided the link to this below also. This series of CDs is very reasonably priced and they are better for middle school students.

Here are links to some of Tchaikovsky’s music to try out:
Swan Lake
Sleeping Beauty
You can click on the above links and then listen to some excerpts online.

Hope you enjoy Tchaikovsky as much as we did!

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John James Audubon

Our family tries to include picture study during art time every week. This week we enjoyed looking at John James Audubon‘s art and trying to draw or paint in his style.

I usually bring up the image from the internet, right click on it and then set it as wallpaper for the desktop. We will keep the image up for about a week, taking time during that week to sit and observe the painting. We really get to know the painting this way. I will sometimes print the image out on photo paper and then slip it into a page protector for our art binder.

Here’s a link to the original artwork for this week:
Passenger Pigeon


If you like this artwork, you can check out more of his paintings here.

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Classical Music Start-Up Kit-Review


Updated: 8/6/09
You may be interested in reading an updated review that I wrote for Curriculum Choice:
Classical Music Start-Up Kit

I have been listening to classical music for quite some time but I have many friends that say that it is not their cup of tea so they don’t expose themselves or their children to the variety and sound of classical music. It sometimes takes a few times through a particular composer to get the feel for his music.

I found the perfect CD set to introduce your family to the general overview of classical music. It is called The Classical Music Start-Up Kit volumes one and two. The first CD covers the years 1500-1825 and the second volume covers 1825-1945.

They call it a kit but really it is just a CD with a booklet “instruction manual”. You can just listen and enjoy the selections or you can pull out the booklet and read about the composer, the time period, and the music itself. I had my boys listen to the CD several times and then we went back and read a bit about what we were listening to after they had some exposure to the music.

We listen to the music in the car while we are driving to our appointments or classes. I put the music on when they are working on art projects. I listen to the music during the day while I work on the computer. You would be surprised at how many times you can find to listen to one or two of the selections each day.

You can click the link to below and there you can actually listen to samples of the music from each CD. I highly recommend these CDs as a reasonably priced introduction to classical music.

Please note these CDs are used in the Harmony Fine Arts High School Music Appreciation plans.

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