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Remembering Our Visit to the MET in NYC

Remembering Our Visit to the MET in NYC

Gauguin at the MET

A few weeks ago, my grown up daughter Amanda who lives in New York, made a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. She had visitors from California who wanted her to play tour guide and the MET was on their list of places to visit. The visitors paid for an official tour but Amanda wanted to browse the museum all on her own.  She enjoyed three glorious hours wandering by herself through the galleries. Afterwards, she sent me some images and her comments reminded me of my visit to the MET a few years ago with my boys.

She felt that many of the paintings were her “old friends” since we had studied them in the past as part of our art appreciation. She actually felt a connection with several of the paintings and marveled as I did that seeing paintings in person had such an emotional impact on her.


I shared our experiences at the MET in this entry: Metropolitan Museum of Art – Harmony Art Mom’s Visit.

Here’s what I wrote in that entry about seeing a particular painting by Renoir:

“Renoir’s brushes painted this painting. He stood right where I was standing to create this artwork, capturing a moment in time for me to enjoy over a hundred years later. How awesome is that?”

I invite you to click over and read the entire entry…so many great thoughts to encourage you to visit the MET.

Art appreciation is something our family has enjoyed for many years together. It has created a bond and mutual respect and awe for many artists and styles of art. We didn’t do anything extraordinary to make this happen; just by taking a few minutes on a regular basis to view a piece of artwork, we were able to grow a love of great art.

Favorite Klimt

My daughter sent me a postcard from the MET of one of my favorite paintings…which just happened to be her favorite of the day. Here is a bit of what she wrote on the postcard:

“I bought this postcard to send to you before we talked and you said it was your favorite Klimt….I kept wishing all day you were here with me. Thank you for teaching me about the great artists. I love that I can recognize different painters’ styles from across the gallery.”


You may also be interested in reading this entry:

Tips for a Family Visit to the Art Museum

Harmony Fine Arts What is in each plan

I would love for you to consider using Harmony Fine Arts plans in your family to create a love of great art and music. The plans are flexible and can be used by multiple ages all together in a matter of minutes per week. Each grade gives you specific artists and composers to study by giving you links and resources in a simple format. You really can just open the plans, click, and view/listen. You can download sample weeks and see the plans in action by visiting the Harmony Fine Arts store and clicking the particular grade you are interested in using. Make sure to click the “more information” link found on each product link for more details about each year plan.

Harmony Fine Arts Grades 1 thru 8 Button




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I love back to school planning and I hope that my Harmony Fine Arts plans will help you get some art and music appreciation into your school year! Make sure to look at a sample if you aren’t sure how the plans work. They are a simple but flexible way to get started with art and music appreciation in your family.

Link to sample pages: Harmony Fine Arts Samples.


If you need some help picking a grade to start with in your family, send me an email and I will be happy to help.


Winner of the Amazon gift card will be informed on 8/2/17.

Encouragement for My Homeschooling Mom Readers

I know there are new families that haven’t seen some of my archive posts that may be the solution to some of your art challenges or general homeschooling issues. I have gathered a few here in this post and I invite you to click over and read more about each topic.

Art Binder Tabs @harmonyfineartsStoring All Your Wonderful Art-Related Papers and Projects:

Finding a good system for storing artwork, coloring pages, and notebooking pages took some time in our family. I finally landed on a simple to implement method and continue over time method that I shared in this blog entry:  How Do I Make an Art Binder?

why-include-art-and-music-appreciation-from-harmonyfineartsFeeling like you don’t have time to teach art or don’t have any talent?

Having trouble getting started with art appreciation? I wrote a four part series years ago that may help you decide to give art a try if you have been struggling with the decision: Why Include Art and Music Appreciation? Look at the bottom of the linked entry for the three other parts to this series.

VSP+Learning+buttonDo you have a child who doesn’t fit the typical student mold?

I wrote this post years ago about my middle son and his special challenges in homeschooling as a visual spatial learner. Or more accurately, my challenges in teaching him. I have a friend who is dealing with a VSP learner this year and it made me remember this post I wrote and I passed it along to her. Take a look at the specific things that helped our family: Helping the Visual Spatial Learner.

As a footnote to the VSP entry: My son is now 23 years old. He has accomplished much since leaving our homeschool…even without college. He is a licensed pilot. He has worked as a chef. He is currently training as a drone camera operator. For fun, he rides mountain bikes, snowboards, skateboards, and draws. Where will he go next? Not sure but it is an exciting story to watch.

I hope you find something here to encourage and inspire you.


Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 Art and Music Plans @harmonyfinearts.orgHarmony Fine Arts – Art and Music Appreciation plans for busy homeschooling moms.





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