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Harmony Fine Arts – Summer Sale!


Harmony Fine Arts

Art and Music Appreciation

Back to School Sale!


25% Bonus Discount!

Only valid until 7/31/17

Use the code: greatart25 and receive 25% off your purchase of any year plan (ebook version only, grades 1-8). This code will be valid until 7/31/17. You can use the code more than once. Make sure to add the coupon on the shopping cart page and not at checkout if you are having trouble with the code.

Discount Code = greatart25

Harmony Fine Arts Purchase Now button

Each purchase enters you in a drawing for an Amazon Gift Card!

Also for every purchase your name will be entered into a random drawing for a $25 Amazon Gift Card! Purchase more than one grade of Harmony Fine Arts and receive another entry!


I love back to school planning and I hope that my Harmony Fine Arts plans will help you get some art and music appreciation into your school year! Make sure to look at a sample if you aren’t sure how the plans work. They are a simple but flexible way to get started with art and music appreciation in your family.

Link to sample pages: Harmony Fine Arts Samples.


If you need some help picking a grade to start with in your family, send me an email and I will be happy to help.


Winner of the Amazon gift card will be informed on 8/2/17.

Harmony Fine Arts – Blog and Products

Welcome to all the new readers here on the Harmony Fine Arts blog!

There are many new readers here on the blog at Harmony Fine Arts. I thought it might be nice to give you a “tour” of what you will find here that may benefit your family and homeschool. Please accept my warm welcome and hope that you will find something to help you in your efforts.

First and Foremost – Harmony Fine Arts

Harmony Fine Arts art and music appreciation plans have been around for many years. I started selling the plans as I created them for use with my own family of four homeschooled children. They are an easy way to offer art and music appreciation using picture study, artist and composer study, and then some follow up activities. There is something for everyone.


Read more about the plans in this entry: New to Harmony Fine Arts?


Music Monday on Harmony Fine Arts Join us every Monday for a new musical selection.

Weekly Suggestions for Music Appreciation and Sketching – Free to Subscribers!

There are 2 weekly emails you will get from me.

The first one is on Mondays where I give a suggested piece of classical music for your family to listen via YouTube. It is simple way to add in at least one piece of music appreciation into your week with a minimal amount of effort. Please enjoy your Music Appreciation Monday email and let me know how your family likes listening to it…either in a comment or an email.

Sketch Tuesday Drawing Assignments @harmonyfinearts small

The second email will be on Tuesdays and it is a suggested sketch topic that your family can complete and then send in an image for me to compile into a weekly slideshow on Flickr. I call the Sketch Tuesday. This feature has been offered here on Harmony Fine Arts for a very long time and I highly recommend it as a simple way to get your family started with a sketching habit. Plus, the weekly slideshow will let your family see what other sketchers are accomplishing and maybe it will inspire you even more. I love our Sketch Tuesday community.

Misc Posts

Occasionally I will share about my homeschooling experiences, my current empty nest after homeschooling, and giveaways and discount codes.

In short, you shouldn’t be overwhelmed with the amount of email you get in your email box from me here at Harmony Fine Arts. I hope you will stick around awhile and glean some helpful tips and enjoy the regular features.

Glean from my Archives!

You can also glean from my blog categories and archives by clicking the buttons on the side of the blog or the links at the top. Popular posts are found under the Tapestry of Grace button, the Charlotte Mason button, and the Notebooking tab. You can start by clicking here to see a list of Blog Categories.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or you can email me directly.

Harmony Art Mom


Barb McCoy




Harmony Fine Arts Ultimate Bundle Sale


This Ultimate Bundle Sale is part of the Black Friday event here at Harmony Fine Arts. With this special sale you have the opportunity to purchase Grades 1-8 of Harmony Fine Arts for HALF price PLUS you get three mini units as a bonus! See below how to use the discount code!


Please check out our popular art and music plans that were created by this homeschooling mom who has a real love of art and music.


This is the first time Harmony Fine Arts has offered such a huge discount and it is my hope that it will help reach more young hearts and inspire a lifetime love of art and music.


Harmony Fine Arts What is in each planJust imagine having a complete art and music appreciation plan that covers ancient to modern art in a chronological schedule.

harmony Fine Arts-plan-overview-grades-1-12

Download the chart: Harmony Fine Arts Overview

You can start in any year and move forward in time picking up each school year where you left off the previous year.


Coordinate your art and music study with your history time period to give more depth to your learning.



Get Grades 1-8 PLUS the three mini units for $69!

You will receive the grades 1-8 download links in your account immediately. You can download these plans as you need them. The bonus mini units will be emailed to your Paypal email address within 48 hours.


Harmony fine Arts allows you to open the plan and get going with picture study and simple follow up activities without any time consuming research. We have done that for you! Use the plans as written or use Harmony Fine Arts as a foundation that you can build on if you have art and music loving children.

These plans take 45-60 minutes per week so you can easily fit them into any other homeschooling curriculum you may already be using.

Practical Homeschool Award 2016 Harmony Fine ArtsWe have been privileged to be nominated by users and voted by users as the top ranking art appreciation and music appreciation curriculum for several years now. If you have been thinking about giving Harmony Fine Arts a try, this is the perfect time to invest in your family’s art and music education.

1-4 bundle covers random button

5 thru 8 bundle covers random

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