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What Does a Retired Homeschol Mom Do?

What Does a Retired Homeschool Mom Do @harmonyfinearts

What does a retired homeschooling mom do? Well, this retired homeschooling mom just started tutoring a few students AND acting as an advisor to a new homeschooling mom. What fun! I didn’t think this was something I ever wanted to do but it in fact has become a great joy…something that brings me such satisfaction. I love it when life opens a door of opportunity at just the right time.

I have missed teaching so much, and so far I am only tutoring math but it’s enough to add a missing element to my days. It’s easy to step back into the role of teacher and guide and it feels “oh so right” to use the skills I have developed over the past two decades to benefit another homeschooling mom who is overwhelmed and struggling a bit.

I had forgotten the way it feels to have someone look at you after a tutoring session and utter the words, “I get it!” You feel good and they feel empowered.

As far as advising a new homeschooling mom, it’s a situation where she is new to the idea of homeschooling as a lifestyle. She felt trapped in a “school at home” model and was unhappy with that method of teaching. I explained that she could change a few things in the way she presented her subjects to make it more in line with her family’s style and interests. She is clearly on the right path now and I look forward to talking with her again soon to see how things are going.

Word of mouth has brought me another opportunity to help someone locally with homeschooling.  I’m passionate about learning and teaching and am pleased that others have found value in this as well.  I’m not sure where all this is heading, but for the first time in a long time I’m beginning to see a path beyond where I am now. I was feeling a bit like a horse put out to pasture, long before I was ready for that to happen.


Stay tuned to see how it all turns out!


Harmony Fine Arts – Blog and Products

Welcome to all the new readers here on the Harmony Fine Arts blog!

There are many new readers here on the blog at Harmony Fine Arts. I thought it might be nice to give you a “tour” of what you will find here that may benefit your family and homeschool. Please accept my warm welcome and hope that you will find something to help you in your efforts.

First and Foremost – Harmony Fine Arts

Harmony Fine Arts art and music appreciation plans have been around for many years. I started selling the plans as I created them for use with my own family of four homeschooled children. They are an easy way to offer art and music appreciation using picture study, artist and composer study, and then some follow up activities. There is something for everyone.


Read more about the plans in this entry: New to Harmony Fine Arts?


Music Monday on Harmony Fine Arts Join us every Monday for a new musical selection.

Weekly Suggestions for Music Appreciation and Sketching – Free to Subscribers!

There are 2 weekly emails you will get from me.

The first one is on Mondays where I give a suggested piece of classical music for your family to listen via YouTube. It is simple way to add in at least one piece of music appreciation into your week with a minimal amount of effort. Please enjoy your Music Appreciation Monday email and let me know how your family likes listening to it…either in a comment or an email.

Sketch Tuesday Drawing Assignments @harmonyfinearts small

The second email will be on Tuesdays and it is a suggested sketch topic that your family can complete and then send in an image for me to compile into a weekly slideshow on Flickr. I call the Sketch Tuesday. This feature has been offered here on Harmony Fine Arts for a very long time and I highly recommend it as a simple way to get your family started with a sketching habit. Plus, the weekly slideshow will let your family see what other sketchers are accomplishing and maybe it will inspire you even more. I love our Sketch Tuesday community.

Misc Posts

Occasionally I will share about my homeschooling experiences, my current empty nest after homeschooling, and giveaways and discount codes.

In short, you shouldn’t be overwhelmed with the amount of email you get in your email box from me here at Harmony Fine Arts. I hope you will stick around awhile and glean some helpful tips and enjoy the regular features.

Glean from my Archives!

You can also glean from my blog categories and archives by clicking the buttons on the side of the blog or the links at the top. Popular posts are found under the Tapestry of Grace button, the Charlotte Mason button, and the Notebooking tab. You can start by clicking here to see a list of Blog Categories.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or you can email me directly.

Harmony Art Mom


Barb McCoy




Harmony Art Mom – Creative Month January


harmony-art-mom-creative-month-januaryThe cold wet weather has been conducive to staying in and being creative. As I look over the past few weeks and what was accomplished all tidy in this post, it appears as if I am a really crafty artsy person. In reality, all of these projects were done with small snatches of time. It all adds up.

Making time for drawing and other creative pursuits is reachable for most of us if we keep it accessible. I like things put away but if I leave the art supplies sitting out I am more apt to sit and work for a few minutes.


I am trying to participate in Sketch Tuesday every week. Right now I am keeping it simple with a simple notebook and a pencil. So far I have completed 2 of 2 Sketch Tuesday assignments. If you want to join us this week, the theme is art studio. Click the link for more information.


Over on my nature study blog, I made a goal for 2017 to sketch in my nature journal every week. I was actually at the point of finishing up one nature journal and starting a fresh one so I had to create a cover for the filled one. I decided to go whimsical.

instagram-outdoorhourchallenge-smallWhile I am thinking about it, you may wish to follow my Instagram account for more nature images and nature journal pages. You can click the graphic above to find me on Instagram or search for my account outdoorhourchallenge.


I always have a scrapbook project to work on and this month I finished up our last trip to Hawaii from 2014. I decided to use an 8″ by 8″ Creative Memories album with spargo pages. I thoroughly enjoyed working with these photos and recording the experiences. It must be time to go again!


I am always taking photos in my yard. Winter time can be a challenge to find something interesting but I wanted to take an image of the paper white growing and blooming in between the pavers. Someone decided to do a photo bomb and get in the shot. Miss Cocoa is our front yard greeter…such a sweet thing.

harmony-art-mom-creative-month-january-1My husband and I took an early morning hike in the rain down to the river when it was at close to flood stage. The adventure was recorded in my nature journal along with a page on some lichen that I brought home on an oak twig. It is hard to sketch lichen! Secretly I am struggling with my drawing skills and have a plan to learn more by studying other journalers and books I have on my shelf and some ordered up from the library. The one book that has the deepest impact on me is the Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling. He suggests sketching every day to improve so I am trying my best to complete something daily. (Affiliate link above to Amazon to a book I have used and love!)

Read my complete review of this book over on my other blog: Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling.


So what have you been doing this month to be creative?

Have you participated in Sketch Tuesday?

Have you listened to Music Monday?

Don’t forget to do something to feed your creative soul!

Art Show Wall Display 1

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Creative Atmosphere in Your Home


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