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My Latest Squidoo Lens: Grade Ten Curriculum Plans for High School

Coat of Arms Notebook Page - History Scholar

I just finished putting together a page with our tenth grade high school plans all gathered into one place. I also included some thoughts and ideas about using Tapestry of Grace.

Click over and see some of our projects from a few years ago too….maybe it will inspire.

Harmony Art Mom’s Grade Ten Plans

I will put this link up on the “Homeschool Plans by Grade” tab on the top of my blog. If you ever want to see what we use for each high school grade, you can refer to that tab and click over to read all the specifics.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

Busy, Busy, Busy Organizing Information For You

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I have been busy organizing a lot of my homeschooling posts on Squidoo for you. You may find these are helpful now or when you begin to start planning your next year’s courses.

Harmony Art Mom’s Freebies
Build Your Classical Music Library
Notebooking For High Schoolers
Lego Robotics for High Schoolers
Harmony Art Mom’s Top Five Art Picks with Reviews
Top Ten Educational Games for Kids
Charlotte Mason High School

If there is something you are wishing I would organize from my blog, please email me any time to let me know and I can put it on my list of things to do.

Hope you find something here that helps you out!
Barb-Harmony Art Mom

11th Grade Free Reading List-Updated

I just updated my 11th Grade Squidoo lens to show our free reading list from this year.
Harmony Art Mom’s 11th Grade-Eclectic Mix
You will need to scroll down the lens until you see Free Reading List #1 and then #2.

What are my free reading lists?
I take some of the books that I think are worthwhile but we can’t fit them into our daily schedule and make them into “free reading” that they can do during their afternoons, evenings, weekends, or over breaks in school. This has been a great help in allowing them to read and enjoy some books without a lot of analysis or discussion. They can narrate if they want to or sometimes I have them write a few sentences about the reading for me to read.

I also have a three chapter rule. If after reading three chapters they just can’t get into a certain book, they are allowed to come to me and ask to be excused from that particular book. They are allowed two books to pass on during the year. I will then find something to substitute in for the book they choose to skip. Last year they both skipped Rob Roy and this year they have not asked to skip any books at all yet. I feel like this policy helps give them some control but still keeps them accountable.

Every family can have their own list of books that fits their particular children and interests. I love the freedom this has given me to include books that we would otherwise not have time for in any way during our regular school hours. As the boys have grown up, it gets harder and harder for them to pick books to read for fun. The choices for teens are generally horrible. This way they have a list to draw from and I know they are getting a taste of some books they might not otherwise pick up on their own.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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