Notebooking has become a wonderful way to document and solidify learning. As a homeschooling mom of teens, I have come to appreciate the way notebooking customizes their learning and allows for greater freedom in showing just what they are learning each week. I have written quite a bit of information about this topic here on my blog and around the internet. Please feel free to click and glean some ideas for your homeschooling adventure.

My Notebooking Tips

My complete page on Squidoo sharing my favorite tips, resources and ideas for using notebooking page in high school. You can read it here, Notebooking for High Schoolers. 

Notebook Pages - High School Button
This post will give you some important reasons to consider notebooking in high school.

I also wrote an entry explaining how to take notebook pages and make them into a formal essay:

How to Use Notebook Pages to Write a Formal Essay Using the Institute for Excellence in Writing System.

How to Set Up A History Notebook – my post on using timeline pages and more.

Notebooking on the Fly – planning using notebook pages

I have also written a post sharing how I combine Tapestry of Grace and notebooking pages. You can read on my blog: Tapestry of Grace and Notebooking Pages

Here is a post about how I use notebook pages in our Charlotte Mason style homeschool, including during high school: Notebooking in a Charlotte Mason Homeschool

Sources for Notebooking Page That I Recommend:

My favorite source of notebook pages is over at They have a wonderful plan for gaining access to all her notebook pages using a subscription. You really need to go over and check it out for your family. Also, you can still purchase individual sets of pages if you wish.

You can see how I am starting to use the Notebooking Publisher in this entry:

New Notebooking Publisher Web App
The Notebooking Publisher web-app

hermit thrush nature journal limbourg notebooking page

Free Notebooking Pages Sampler


Mongolia Notebook PageEthiopia notebook page

We used many of the Geo Scribe notebook pages as part of our World Geography course:

Geo Scribe Pages on

We also are using the History Scribe Rocks and Minerals set with our geography studies. It is part of the

Boy Scribe on
Literature Blake HS notebook pagethoreau notebook page

religions of india notebook pagesHistory Scholar-Mayans

I love using History Scholar and Bible Scribe for high school level pages:

History Scribe Combo and History Scholar Combo on


Outdoor Hour Challenge notebook pages for the nature journal:

Outdoor Hour Challenge ebooks have notebook pages

Red tailed hawk A

Handbook of Nature Study Freebies

You can find a lot of free notebook pages for nature study on my Handbook of Nature Study blog.

mushroom study 1Pond Study-fish nature journal

NotebookingNook has lots of great sets that I have used over the years. They are available at  I especially like their history and nature study sets.

My Affiliations – Just So You Know

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