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Claude Debussy: A Little Different

Claude Debussy Composer Study @harmonyfinearts

Claude Debussy

We have started listening to Claude Debussy’s music this month. This is a new composer to the boys and they have enjoyed the more “modern” sound to Debussy’s music. We tried several CD’s until we found one we liked. Our library had several different ones and we found the ones that were all piano music were hard to listen to for periods of time. The ones that included orchestral arrangements were much more enjoyable.

FYI: His music makes the transition from late romantic to 20th century modern music. His music is often called “impressionistic”.

Link to a portrait for your timeline
Claude Debussy Portrait

Link to short biography for your notebook
Claude Debussy Biography

Claude Debussy

Debussy wrote a piece of music for his daughter entitled Children’s Corner.
Children’s Corner

I know that some of you have never heard of Claude Debussy so I wanted to share his music with you so you could check your library and give him a try.

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