Drawing With Children: Les 5 Oil Pastels

In this installment in my Drawing With Children-nature journal style series, I am going to share some information and videos about using oil pastels. Although they look a lot like crayons, they are much more versatile even for younger art students.

The blending ability of oil pastels makes them an easy alternative to oil paints with far less mess.

You can use oil pastels in your nature journal but you need to be aware that if you don’t apply a fixative, you will have a smudgy mess on facing pages. I don’t mind the smudges but just make sure to always put them in the journal where they are not facing another entry.

From Drawing with Children, by Mona Brookes, page 166-167:
“Form the undersketch with a very light color and then build on top of it. Use the tips of your fingers to blend the shadings.”

My boys have really enjoyed using oil pastels over the years and I highly recommend you give them a try with your children.

So, are you ready for the videos? The first one gives you some specific techniques to get started and the second is a little more advanced, showing how to use the oil pastels for subjects in your nature journal. We are still working on training my youngest son to be my “camera man” so bear with us as we learn the best ways to video the lessons. 🙂

Here are the rest of the Lessons:

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Lesson 2 – Drawing from Graphics

Lesson 3 – Still Life

Lesson 4 – Volume Drawing

Lesson 5 – Conte Crayons

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Lesson 5 – Colored Pencils

Lesson  5 – Oil Pastels

Lesson 5 – Watercolors

Click to each lesson for adaptations, suggestions, and videos.


You can download all the Drawing With Children – Nature Journal Style Lesson Plans here: Drawing with Children Lesson 1 – Getting Started.

Cover Grade 4

Please note that Drawing With Children is part of the Harmony Fine Arts Grade 4 Curriculum. You can click over to read more about this art and music appreciation plan here:

Harmony Fine Arts Grade 4 – Explanation

Harmony Fine Arts Grade 4 – Sample

The plans in Harmony Fine Arts Grade 4 relate the lessons to a study of great art and artists. Please see page 9 in the sample linked above to get an idea how I do this in the plans.

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