Artists With Style: Picture Study and Charlotte Mason

Painting like Jackson Pollock

“But this is to be aimed at for the young people; let them study occasionally the works of a single great master until they have received some of his teaching, and know his style.”
Charlotte Mason volume 5, page 235

One of the greatest joys as a parent is to see how your influence effects your children in the long-term. One area that I notice this in is with artist study. Following Charlotte Mason’s advice, our family has taken one artist at a time and viewed several of his paintings over a period of weeks. Carefully viewing them and observing what makes those paintings different from others that we have studied, we have learned a little about what makes each artist unique and how they fit into a particular school of art.

Another way to help your child really get to know an artist is to have the child study a group of the artist’s paintings and then have him paint his own picture in the style of that artist. I try to let them decide what to paint and many times it is a copy of the original but they also will at times paint their own picture but use that artist’s style.

For example:
Picasso (done with oil pastels)
picasso oil pastel
How about Vermeer? (watercolor)
Girl with a Pearl Earring
Or Matisse? (oil pastels again)
Matisse oil pastel
Here is something in the style of Seaurat. (oil paints)
I think you get the idea.

It is always fun for the kids to point out paintings as we go through our everyday life and have them recognize either the artist or the style. They enjoy seeing paintings as “friends”. Sometimes they enjoy the style and sometimes they do not….that is okay with me.

Picture study has helped us in this area and it is so easy to do.

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