Adjusting Tapestry of Grace to be More Charlotte Mason Friendly

Several people emailed me to ask how I take Tapestry of Grace and make it more Charlotte Mason friendly. I think there are two ways that I go about adjusting the assignments as planned out in the units so that I feel like we are getting the meat of the plan but not being overwhelmed by it. Here are the steps I took to adjust the rhetoric stage plans for year two. I trimmed and cut them to fit our homeschool goals.

1. Eliminate books.

Tapestry of Grace actually has made the first step easy for year two as far as literature goes. In the Loom, there is a document that is offered to explain the literature program titled “Using Tapestry’s Rhetoric Level Literature“. I printed this document out and after reading through it, I used pages 33-35 (Appendix D) to go about trimming our literature. We cut all the green and blue literature from the plan and this gave us the breathing space to lengthen the time spent reading the remaining literature without compromising the coverage of the time period.

For our history reading, I am trying to stick closely to the core suggestions without adding in the selections in the in-depth box. I occasionally find a book that I think is exceptional from the in-depth suggestions and we will add it into our study. We are finding that the core readings are a sufficient source for completing the accountability questions in the rhetoric stage. I occasionally need to share some points from the teacher’s notes but for the most part, the boys find the core reading to be adequate.

2. Split the books between assigned formal reading and free reading.

After trimming away the excess literature, I went back through the plans and looked at the alternate suggestions for literature to find any books we have not already covered in our homeschooling. These are books in addition to the core literature plan. I made a reading list for each boy with books that they are to read outside of school time in the evenings, over the weekends, or during any weeks off for breaks like winter break. They will not be required to complete any literature assignments for these books except the occasional oral narration to their dad or to me as they go along.


Narration and Not Worksheets

I would think that these two suggestions would help any level of Tapestry of Grace to become more Charlotte Mason friendly. I have never required the boys to fill in worksheets along with their TOG literature. We strictly stick with oral and written narration as a way to follow up our reading. I usually complete the reading with them so this is a great way to have a discussion of any of the more formal ideas planned out in the teacher’s guide.

If you have any more questions about how to trim and cut, you are welcome to email me at [email protected]

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