Tapestry of Grace: Art and Music Study Year 2 Unit 1

We have been using the Tapestry of Grace curriculum plans for four years now and one area that I am always supplementing is the area of art and music appreciation. It isn’t that they don’t offer a smattering of art and music appreciation. They do. It just isn’t enough for our family. 🙂

So if you are interested here are our plans for the first unit of Year Two.

Art Appreciation topics and projects

We will be using the pages in the Story of Painting and the Story of Architecture as assigned in the Tapestry of Grace plans. I have two periods for art scheduled each week. Each period is one hour long.

Week 1 Celtic Illumination: We Googled “Book of Kells” and viewed the images that came up and then we decided to make our own illuminated initials. We used this website as a reference.

Weeks 2 and 3 We Googled “Byzantine tile designs” and viewed the images. Afterwards, we used this lesson plan to make our own mosaic projects. Mosaic Tile designs http://dickblick.com/lessonplans/glassmosaic/

Week 4 Coat of Arms: We made our own coat of arms using this book Design Your Own Coat of Arms

Week 5 and 6 Viking Sculpey project: We found images online of items the boys wanted to make and then they used Sculpey to model them. One made a Viking dragon ship’s masthead. The other made a model of a Viking sword.

Week 7 Gothic Arch model-We used Legos to build a Gothic style arch and that turned into a whole cathedral out of Legos. http://www.weirdrichard.com/activities7.html

Week 8 Chinese Art- We are going to use this book Chinese Brush Painting. I am in the process of making a Squidoo lens on this topic.

Week 9 Stained Glass- We will be viewing stained glass online and then creating our own “stained glass” window using Crayola Washable Window Markers.

Week 10 Limbourg Brothers: Online link to view paintings
After viewing the artwork, the boys will write up a short biography using this page Limbourg Brothers and they will use the website’s coloring sheet to make their own drawing of a piece of their artwork.

We will be putting all the artwork together at our Unit Celebration in a few weeks. I will post photos of our projects at that time.

Music Appreciation Topics

They will do the readings in the book Music: An Appreciation as planned in the Tapestry of Grace plans. In addition, they will complete 20-30 minutes of listening each week to the following music as part of a study of the overall topic of “Early Music”. (We use Naxos.com and listen online but check your library for any CDs they may have that you can borrow.)I have one period scheduled each week for music appreciation and it is 45 minutes long.

Edit to add: All the listings are for music selections to listen to. I first check my library to see if they have any CDs to borrow for the topic or composer. We also listen to all our music online. If you would like the Naxos catalogue numbers, I will add them below.

Week 1 Gregorian chant-Naxos 8.554580
Week 2 Gregorian chant
Week 3 Palestrina-Naxos 8.550573
Week 4 Palestrina
Week 5 William Byrd-Naxos 8.550604
Week 6 Thomas Weelkes-Naxos 8.553209
Week 7 Francois Couperin-Naxos 8.550460
Week 8 Johann Pachelbel-Naxos 8.550104
Week 9 Johann Pachelbel
Week 10 Free week-listen as they wish

I hope someone can benefit from my additional planning. I hope to share each unit as I get it pulled together. We are *really* enjoying our art and music appreciation this year and it shows in my boys enthusiasm and their willingness to put forth lots of effort. I am having fun too so that is a great bonus!

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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