Tapestry of Grace Year 2 Unit 1 Sharing More Finished Projects

I was clearing off my camera and my desktop and realized that I didn’t post a batch of photos from our end of the unit celebration for Unit One Year Two of Tapestry of Grace. So even though this is sort of a random post, I wanted to document a few projects for readers who were interested in how everything turned out at the end of our unit.

I didn’t mention in my original post that we were using Art of the Catapult during unit one to come up with some sort of catapult for demonstrating at our unit celebration. The boys decided on making this simple trebuchet.

It really worked! I highly recommend this book for older boys to at least read and then, if possible, build one of the models with help from their dads. This was a great way to get my husband involved in a way that he really enjoyed.

This was our display table for our unit celebration.

Both boys came up with their own coat of arms and we displayed them along with their notebook pages for the unit celebration.

I already posted a photo of my son’s sword made from Sculpey but I didn’t share my other son’s Viking masthead….he thought it looked more like a seahorse instead of a dragon but I was pretty happy with all the research he did coming up with his project idea. Nothing like an art project to spur on additional reading.

This Lego model was a joint effort between both the boys. They started out just making models of Gothic arches but after some internet research they found a website that inspired them to build a whole cathedral. You could remove the roof and see inside. I realized afterwards that it wasn’t entirely accurate but they both learned a lot about the architecture of the time period. Mission accomplished.

That’s it for unit one. We are presently in the middle of unit two and I will be sure to post our results in January after we are finished. We are deep into our reading of Shakespeare and my daughter has been treating the boys to a little sonnet recitation this week. Who would have thought they would enjoy listening to Shakespeare so much? Thanks Tapestry of Grace.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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