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A Day in My Life-Wednesday, November 12, 2008

5:30 am Husband’s alarm-I get up and while dh is showering I make the bed and quickly fold a load of laundry from yesterday. I shower and dress. (jeans, black sweater)

6:00 am Shuffle out to the kitchen and make dh’s lunch and start some toast with honey to enjoy while I do my morning Bible reading at the kitchen table while dh eats his breakfast. He unloads the dishwasher…his choice and he actually does this every morning because he thinks it is “his” chore. (Gotta love a man dressed in his complete firefighter’s uniform unloading a dishwasher.) Today is Wednesday and I wash the boys’ laundry for the week…one load gets started. I check my email and mark those that need a reply today-not too many yet today, only about four. Older kids are up at some point during this time to shower, dress, eat, and get out the door by 7:30ish to their various activities for the day. Oldest son (age 21) won’t be back until Friday evening so I give him an extra special big hug before he leaves.

7:00 am Hug and a kiss and Dh leaves for work. He gives the boys a wake up call as he walks out the door. One son gets up, bed made, dressed, and out the door to take care of his dog….clean up, walk and play time, and then the dog gets her breakfast. Other son is up a little slower but still gets his chores done and is at the breakfast table to eat the hot cereal I made for us all. After they eat, they are off to finish up morning chores and get ready for school.

7:45 am The boys and I are at the school table and reading aloud our Bible reading from Hebrews. We discuss how Paul compares the sacrifices of the Israelites to the sacrifice of Christ and how much greater and special that is.

8:00 am I get a call from dh that he is the driveway with a Starbucks mocha for me and I hustle out to meet him. Way to go! I take two bags of trash that someone left at the door from their morning chore time and put them in the trash can. (Tonight is trash night.)

The boys start their schoolwork and since today they have a formal writing time (written narration) first thing, we discuss possible topics for the week. One son chooses to write about the Inca’s system of roads and the other is comparing and contrasting motives for three different explorers we have read about this week. I help them both find resources and off they go to get started on their outlines and rough drafts.

8:30 am I attend to the load of laundry that I started earlier and then wash the back door window where there were lots of muddy kitty paw prints from yesterday. I get online and order two sweaters and a winter pair of dress shoes from JC Penneys using my coupon that is about to expire. I pull up an unfinished blog entry from the nature blog and finish it quickly adding the photos from yesterday and post that up on the blog.

9:00 One son says he is having trouble with his literature reading so we open Much Ado About Nothing and read the troublesome section together. Can I say that I love Shakespeare? After we finish, I work on some Harmony Fine Arts business that includes printing art plans. The copier and I have some difficulties but after fixing two paper jams it starts humming along smoothly. I warm up my unfinished mocha in the microwave to enjoy some more. I let the cat in the back door as I finish up my HFA business and stack the packages in the pile to go to the post office later. I have a conversation (narration time) with my son about the diet of the Mayans…70% based on corn. We decide that wouldn’t be so bad…lots of corn tortillas no doubt.

10:15 Time for a break. I force myself to go outside with the boys since I need to fill the birdfeeders. I have a bunch of things that I should be doing inside but I know that I am always glad that I make the effort to get out every day. I fill the feeders and notice that they are all nearly empty…it must be that time of the year. One son is dribbling the basketball up and down the sidewalk and the other is playing ball with his dog. The sun is surprisingly warm and I take a few minutes to observe what is going on in the garden. I make a mental note that the sunflowers really need to come out since the birds are nearly done eating all the seeds. The cat meows at me from the deck and I go up and give her a good scratch under the chin and she is happy.

10:45 We are back inside a few minutes late but it was nice to be refreshed and ready for more indoor work. Trumpet playing is going on as I write this post and my youngest is checking StudentNewsDaily.net for the current events of the day. He relates (narrates) something about the border between North and South Korea and he is off to find Korea on the world map. I notice as I type that outside my window the birds are already feasting at the feeder. There are about a dozen house sparrows perched in the feeder or hovering for their turns. The white breasted nuthatch is there too along with a couple of goldfinches. I make a note on my shopping list that I need to get more seed when I am out to the feed store later in the week. I correct the boys’ Daily Grams and remind myself what the rest of the day holds….Marine Biology, Spanish, PE, and Robotics.

11:15 Pulled the clothes out of the dryer and folded them as I listened to Bach. Answered all my email and renewed my library books online. (One email was setting up a presentation that I am going to do for Brittney’s homeschool group about nature study!) My youngest popped in to tell me something about salmon and then he wanted me to watch the video from the lesson about salmon on Apologia to see a bear catching a salmon in his mouth. (more narration)

11:50 Started my lunch early since I skipped my snack today. Pulled some chicken out of the freezer for dinner after consulting the menu plan. We had cheese quesadillas, yogurt, and pears for lunch. While we were eating my son noticed a woodpecker in the tree outside the window and we all stopped and observed him. (unofficial nature study) The boys went outside again and were shooting some hoops in the driveway until around 12:30. I was catching up on my reading for our Bible study later today.

12:30 Boys back in working on Spanish and Robotics. I answered a phone call from my dh, his daily call at lunchtime. I entered the day’s work on Homeschool Tracker and then worked on this entry and answered a couple more emails.

1:45 I decide I better at least start on the Outdoor Hour Challenge entry today and then finish it tomorrow. Wrote the outline and saved it for tomorrow. Remembered that I wanted to go over with the boys during their writing time about how to make citations and footnotes. I pull out the materials from IEW and put it on my desk.

2:00 The boys and I enjoy our weekly Bible study time together and then have a snack to finish off our day.

3:00 Run to the post office and then stop in at the ophthalmologist office to get my new glasses adjusted to fit my head better. Amanda is home when I get home and she tells me about her day.

3:30 Pull out our bank statement and reconcile the bank, for once no mistakes. My dad calls and I help him find a dealer for his woodstove by looking it up on the internet for him. Talk to my mom on the phone for a minute or two. She broke her shoulder a month ago and I have been checking in with her more often than usual. Open the mail. Get involved in a discussion about who was supposed to be watching the dog because she was chasing our cat around the backyard playing. Grab a bit of leftover turkey pot pie from last night as a snack. Turn on some Bach music to relax and finish clearing off my desk for the day. The boys are working on various projects. I think one is working on a Lego animated movie and the other is working on fixing his remote control helicopter. They also have free time on the computer during this time.

4:45 Bring in the jeans from the line and fold them and put them away. Tidy the living room and put dishes in the dishwasher. Phone call from my dh letting me know he will be home in about an hour. Decide I better start some dinner. The boys are both back outside, one dribbling the basketball and one getting ready to take the dog for a walk.

5:00 Start oven-baked chicken, green beans, and red potatoes for dinner.

5:30 Call the boys in to help with setting the table after they clean up their stuff that has accumulated there over the course of the day. Dh arrives home and we talk a few minutes about the day and he goes in to change and wash up for dinner. I put the finishing touches on dinner and we eat at around 6:00 PM. The kids clean up the kitchen.

6:30-9:30 Dh gets on the computer to research electric cars for next year’s physics project…no joke. I spend some time with Amanda discussing the plans for the next Hearts and Trees kit. She has come up with a theme and now we are picking art prints, projects, and deciding what the nature journal is going to include. I’m off to finish watching Much Ado About Nothing on Netflix instant view and my DH joins me. We are previewing this to see if we like it enough to have the boys watch it after they finish reading the book. The boys are reading in their room and come out later to watch some sci-fi movie. Somewhere in this time frame I rustled up some dessert and make a pot of decaf for everyone to enjoy. The boys take the cats down to put in their sleeping quarters in the garage and one of the boys comes in to have me go outside and look at the moon. Wow! Spectacular moon! (more informal nature study) We spend a few minutes enjoying its brilliance and then we were all off to bed to either continue reading or to sleep.

If you made it all the way through this entry you deserve an award. 🙂

This was a pretty normal day except that I usually take a walk on the treadmill around 4 PM for around thirty minutes but I am nursing an injury at the moment that prevents me from walking as usual.

I have never typed it all out like that before and it is surprising to see it all down in black and white.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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