Art Books-How to Deal with Nudity

Just a brief post to share a few of the ways that our family has dealt with nudity in art books.

When the boys were younger, we tended to skip pages with nudity which meant that I absolutely needed to preview all the materials.

As they grew older, it was just a matter of what kind of nudity was depicted. Partial nudity in most cases and nudity of infants or cherubs was usually acceptable. Again, I was always diligent about previewing.

Now that my boys have reached high school age, they usually avoid nudity on their own.

So here are some ideas for your family:

  • Preview and skip the pages that are offensive or inappropriate.
  • Preview and use a black marker to mark over the nudity.
  • Preview and use a sticky note to cover over the nudity and then supervise the reading of the book so the children are not tempted to peek.
  • Preview and use stickers to cover the nudity.

If you decide to use a black marker, make sure to test out the ink to see whether it bleeds through the page so you don’t ruin the other side of the page.

I know that some families preview the book and then remove any pages with nudity. I found that using a combination of previewing and then skipping or covering over the nudity works best in our family.

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Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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