Tapestry of Grace Year 2 Unit 3 Art and Music Ideas

Tapestry of Grace Year Two is full of great art and music. My boys have wanted to go deeper into art and music appreciation than TOG has plans for in year two. So I found some basic ideas to enhance the plans and then they are welcome to complete the activity as I planned it or they can take it and adapt it to their own tastes.

Here are the links to the first two units of year two of Tapestry of Grace:
Unit One
Unit Two

Here are our unit three art ideas:
Week 20-21 Baroque painting style using this lesson plan as the jumping off spot
How To Paint in the Baroque Style

Week 22-23 Landscape lesson using Poussin’s artwork: Landscape with a Calm
and this lesson, Brief History of the Landscape Genre

Week 24 Quill and pen writing
I am Ordering a quill and pen for the boys to try their hand at some colonial style copywork

Week 25Draw 3-D
We are going to use this book, Draw 3-D, to learn a little more about perspective and then we will view some of this units paintings and see if we can reproduce the perspective in a drawing of our own.

Week 26-27 Vivaldi Four Seasons Project
Combining listening to Vivaldi and art during these two weeks by using some ideas from this packet:
Vivaldi and the Four Seasons -Focusing on pages 10-12
Using oil pastels to draw a picture inspired by each of the seasons music…put all four together on a poster board for our Unit Celebration.

Here are the unit three music appreciation ideas:

We are going to use Tapestry of Grace’s suggested pages in Music: An Appreciation as the foundation of our plans. To supplement those plans, I have found music for them to listen to and comment on as we work through each week.

Week 21-22 Naxos.com Catalogue #8.558160-61
Discover Music of the Baroque Era

Week 23 and 24
Naxos.com Catalogue #8660030-31
Mozart’s The Magic Flute

Just for fun if you can listen online:
Naxos.com Catalogue #8.558012
Opera Explained: Mozart and the Magic Flute

Week 25 Naxos.com Catalogue #8.554337-38
Discover the Symphony

Week 26-27 Naxo.com Catalogue #8.571071
Listen to Vivaldi together and keep a log sheet.
See art appreciation plans above for the link to the teacher’s packet.

To many of you my plans may seem ambitious but you can pick and choose which weeks to include in your plans. I know that many times we abbreviate the plans as we go along when time is short or we find we are not as interested in something as we originally thought. I go into these projects with the idea that I am providing an opportunity for them to experience great art and music and they can either buy into it or not.

In your family, you could focus on just one of the suggested week’s music for the whole unit if you wanted to. You could listen to Baroque music or to Vivaldi for the whole period of time if that made it easier for you to include along with your other plans.

Please don’t think that you have to do all or nothing because that is not my intention. I would love for you to find just one art project and one music project to include for your children for the whole unit.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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