Drawing With Children: Markers

Here is a frequently asked question: What markers do you use with Drawing With Children?

In our family, there are two different opinions on the answer to this question.

The first group likes to use the fancy Prismacolor Double Ended markers.

These are an investment initially. In order to get a good variety of colors, I purchased a set of 24. Now I just replace individual marker colors and add in a few extra colors as needed. With 156 colors to choose from, you will not run out of colors any time soon.

These non-toxic markers hold up remarkably well to little hands. The tips don’t get mushy and as long as you replace the cap securely, they don’t dry out quickly. With the two different sized tips on each marker, you can vary your line easily.

My warning about these markers is that they will absolutely bleed through your paper so don’t forget to put something underneath your page to blot up the excess color. You will also not be able to work on both sides of the paper if you are working in a sketch journal.

PrismaColor Markers

My son does not like the way that they tend to make “stripes” when you are coloring in a large area. There is a definite skill to using these markers but well worth the effort. My best suggestion is to allow some free time to work with these markers before you get started on your first official art project.

I purchase my Prismacolor markers at Michael’s but any online art supply place will carry these popular markers. I try to wait until I have a half-off coupon to purchase a new set.

Here is the page on Dick Blick that explains more about the markers and if you click on the little thumbnail on the right side of the page, you can see the variety of lines you can get from these markers. Prismacolor Markers
Crayola Super Tips Markers

The second group in our family likes to use Crayola brand markers. There are two particular sets that seem to get pulled out just about every day. The first set (Super Tips) gives lots of color and the second set (Thin) is better for fine lines and more exact work.

These don’t seem to bleed through the paper as much. They are a smooth flowing marker and for the price you pay, you get a huge variety of colors. I purchase these markers at Walmart at the beginning of the school year when they are very inexpensive.

I hope this helps you make some marker decisions to use along with the book.

For more information on how to get started with Drawing with Children, please read my page on Squidoo:
Drawing With Children: Nature Journal Style

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