Tapestry of Grace: Year Two Unit Four Art and Music Plans

If you are following along with my high school level art and music appreciation plans for Tapestry of Grace, here is the final unit for year two.

Here are the links to the first three units of year two of Tapestry of Grace:
Unit One
Unit Two
Unit Three

Art Plans to Go Along With Tapestry of Grace
Year Two, Unit Four

Someone asked when I posted last unit’s art assignments why we don’t use The Story of Painting. We have already been through The Story of Painting once in the past so we decided to focus more on topics that related to our history assignments and the time period to enhance our history study. The boys will sometimes pull out The Story of Painting as a reference but for the most part they skim the pages assigned by TOG.

Week 28: View American painters of the colonial time period and add one piece of their artwork to their art journals. We chose Copley, Peale, Stuart, and Benjamin West.

Week 29: View Colonial style furniture online and then sketch for their notebook.
Week 30, 31, and 32: Portrait project: Choose one portrait and paint it in three different styles-Neoclassic, Impressionistic, and Abstract. Here is a link to the original lesson plan: Portraits
Week 33: Leather crafts using a kit (see this link to Amazon.com:Tandy Leather Factory Basic Leather Craft Set 55501-00)

Week 34: Internet research on Daniel Boone paintings-choose three for your art notebook.
Week 35: Finish any projects from the unit
Week 36: Prepare projects for the unit celebration.

Music Plans in Addition to TOG

Week 28: Composer Study-Bach
Week 29: Listen to Canaletto-Art and Music of His Time on Naxos.com (Cat. #8.558177) View his artwork as you listen using internet sources.
Week 30: Music: An Appreciation pages on The Classical Period (includes Haydn and Mozart)
Week 31: Composer Study-Handel
Week 32: Composer Study-Mozart
Week 33: Composer Study-Schubert
Week 34: Composer Study-Berlioz
Week 35: Composer Study-Felix Mendelssohn

Composer study includes reading pages in The Gift of Music, listening to selected pieces of music, keeping a log sheet, and then writing a short summary page. We have listened to all the composers scheduled in depth in previous years so I don’t think it is too much to just breeze through them a week at a time as a means of reviewing and refreshing our memories.

Just a note about the book suggested in TOG Year Two for the rhetoric stage:
Music: An Appreciation by Roger Kamien is a very expensive book. You all know how much I value art and music appreciation and that it is one of my passions. I spend more money than the usual family on art and music appreciation materials but this book, in my opinion, was not worth the price tag. I am not sure what I would suggest as an alternative but definitely try to find this book used if you can. Also, make sure that if you purchase this book that it comes with the accompanying CDs. Without the CDs, the book is very, very dry.

I post these plans to encourage other families to perhaps think about including a variety of ideas in their art and music plans for each unit. We certainly adapt our plans as we work through the weeks and sometimes we do a better job at being thorough than others but we are at least giving it a try. I wanted to also thank those that have encouraged me this year by sending me email and photos showing how these plans have helped your family. It is always nice to hear from readers.

It hardly seems possible that this is the last unit of the year but here we are. I have no plans yet for next year….can you believe it? I will post about our school plans once I get them down on paper. 🙂

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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