Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra

I found two YouTube videos that I wanted to share with you so you can share them with your children.

I am always interested in helping my children pick out the various instruments when we listen to music and these videos help isolate various families of instruments and then individual instruments as you watch the musical selection.

I am always fascinated to watch professionals play their instruments….it inspires me.

Here is the first video:

I love the flutes and piccolos in this one.

Now for the second part of the video:

In this section, I loved the harp and the trombone. When I hear a trombone in a live orchestra, it gives me goosebumps. Don’t miss the music at about 5:30….totally incredible listening. I hope you enjoyed watching as much as we did.

You can purchase this music on a CD or as an MP3 on Amazon.

I recommend this reasonably priced version: Britten-The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra

Please note these are affiliate links to Amazon.

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