TOG Year 2-Unit 4 Art Projects Completed

We finished our unit four projects in art and music appreciation and I wanted to share them before I forgot and filed them away. 🙂

Here is the link to our original plans for Tapestry of Grace, Year Two, Unit Four:
Unit Four Art and Music Appreciation

One project included researching colonial furniture and architecture and then sketching some examples into their notebooks. Here are a couple of samples.

Colonial furniture

Colonial houses

We also purchased a leathercraft kit and learned how to stamp and dye leather projects. So far the boys have made a luggage tag, a coin pouch, and a bookmark. I must say that this activity was a huge hit with the boys. It involves a hammer and metal stamps….what else can I say. We are going to work on the rest of the projects in the kit over the summer.

A little more involved and long running project was to pick a portrait and then draw or paint it into three different styles. Mr. B chose the Mona Lisa and he used oil pastels for all three versions: Neo-Classical, Impressionistic, and then abstract styles.

Mr. A chose to acrylics, oil pastels, and then markers to make his three versions of his portrait. He wasn’t all that happy with the acrylic painting, but I think he learned a lot about the process of painting faces during this art project.

The boys also were assigned a project where they researched different paintings and images of Daniel Boone using the internet. They were to choose three different images and then write what they thought the artist was trying to show about Daniel Boone. We might do this sort of project again in the future because it was interesting to hear what the boys came up with for their explanations.

Many of you have emailed me and asked me about our plans for music appreciation. I know for each family there are different expectations. In our family I am trying to give a lot of exposure to great music. For music appreciation, they are assigned a composer, I give them some suggestions for listening, and then they are require to record what they listen to and write a short biography. Simple.

Here is an example that was done this term for Mozart.

I prefer they record their listening activities on the log sheet but sometimes they just use binder paper. Here is a record for Schubert.

Here is one more for Bach.

That should give you a pretty good idea of how our unit went for art and music appreciation. We also enjoyed taking in a performance of The Man of La Mancha (musical) at our local theater. It was a great way to follow up our reading of Don Quixote. We are hoping to get to see a Shakespearean play this summer at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, perhaps Henry VIII.

I will post our next unit’s plans as soon as I have them nailed down.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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