Art and Music Appreciation for Preschoolers Using Harmony Fine Arts

Question from a reader:
“I know you have year 1 for children older than my daughter (3.5) but she loves classical so much and knows composers and such so I was wondering if you think it is ok to go ahead and start her in year one and would we just keep moving through the years although ahead of the curve? Would she be ok as far as it not going over her head?”

HFA Grade 1 Cover Image

Instead of going faster, go deeper into your study.

For music appreciation, one idea for you is to go ahead and start with Harmony Fine Arts Year One but take it slowly. Take twice the time with each of the composers….eight weeks instead of four.

The Lives of the Musicians might be a little too much for a 3 1/2 year old, but I would love to suggest that you look at your library for any of the Opal Wheeler biographies for composers that you can find. They are wonderful book for little ones to introduce them to the composers. These books are not scheduled in Harmony Fine Arts but they are a great supplement for older children and a fantastic substitute for younger children.

You might also enjoy listening to the Classics for Kids programs online. They are short “radio show” type programs that you can listen to for many composers.

As far as art appreciation with HFA Grade 1, you might think about using Option 1 and Option 3 together. Option one is picture study and you could use the suggested paintings and then pick 2 or 3 more to study to extend the length of each artist. This is easy to do with the links I give you with the plans in the Notes section. Option three uses Child Size Masterpieces and they are perfect for your daughter’s age. The first level in Child Size Masterpieces really is meant for young children. If you would like to read a review of these painting cards, you can find one I wrote on Curriculum Choice.

The coloring books in Harmony Fine Arts Option three might be too much for a three year old, the lines are pretty small, but you could supplement with coloring pages from this website:
Enchanted Learning Artist Coloring Pages

Here is a link to the materials for HFA Grade One, make sure to check out Child Size Masterpieces!
Harmony Fine Arts Grade One Materials

Another idea is to use Option One and Three now with your daughter and then come back next year and do Option Two when she is a bit older. This way you get two years from one year plan.

Since you have a lot of time and can spend longer on each artist and composer, check your library for picture books about artists.

Remember: Instead of going faster, go deeper into your study.

If anyone has any further questions about Harmony Fine Arts, please email me anytime. [email protected]


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