Final Plans for the Year 09-10 (High School)

This year it is all about the books. Stacks of books everywhere.

We also made the big decision to focus on world geography instead of world history this year. We really want our boys to know about places that are in the news. Geography as an elective was not going to be enough to do the job so the look of our homeschool is going to be a little different this year…no history.

2009-2010 Year Plans

World Geography and Cultures:
Our Los Banos-not available to view online at this time but it is basically a high school version of Winter Promise’s Children Around the World program.
We will be also using Trail Guide to World Geography along with Eat Your Way Around the World and Geography Through Art.
We are really looking forward to this study and I have gone ahead and made up a notebook for each of the boys to work through using the student notebook pages that the Trail Guide has put together. I have lots of other goodies to offer as well and I will surely post about them as we go through the year. We are taking a break from chronological history this year for the first time in nine years.

Saxon Algebra 2 -finishing this one up
Teaching Textbooks Geometry -finishing this one up as well

Apologia Exploring Creation with Physics with adaptations to fit our CM style. Additional biographies and hands on experiences: solar, electrical, aviation applications. I will be sharing the extras on this subject as well as our year goes by. I may even make a Squidoo lens like I did for Biology and Marine Biology.

Tapestry of Grace Year 3-classic with customizing using AO and our personal library. Additional poetry and Shakespeare. I will share our literature plans as we get going with our year.
Poetry Memorization using IEW’s system
Finishing up vocabulary program and then moving into a PSAT prep book

Varied kinds of writing using topics from history, science, literature, Bible Study, We will continue to use the IEW system to refine and improve skills leading up to a third term research report on something they choose and a fourth term essay of my choosing. (We have used this system of writing for the last three years and it has been a winner in our family…makes the cost a little more palatable.) I will be sharing our writing topics and projects as we complete them.

Daily Bible reading and twenty minutes of personal study. Each of us keeps a personal journal or commonplace book with our thoughts, scriptures we want to remember, and experiences.


It always looks like so much once you put it down on paper but because we use a CM style of learning and the boys work independently, in reality it isn’t so bad.

We work from around 7:45 AM to usually around 1:30 PM and then the rest of the afternoon is free for them to pursue personal projects and activities. We do not take any outside classes so there isn’t any time wasted driving from place to place. This schedule is flexible enough to allow us time to spend lots of time outdoors together every week. We also can take a day or two each month for special projects or outings and not feel like we are “behind”.

I think that covers the big stuff. Now I mentally need to prepare to get back to work on August 1oth. It is really hard to imagine that our summer break is just about over but the garden and the weather tell us it is time. Our camping vacations are pleasant memories and they will sustain us over the next few months until fire season is over and my dear husband can take a little time off from his busy work schedule.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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