Stretching a HFA Year Plan

This situation comes up a lot in my email so I thought it might help other families if I answered the question on my blog.

Question: How do I stretch one Harmony Fine Arts year plan into two years?

The best way to answer the question is to give you a real life example. The example below is using Harmony Fine Arts Grade Four. In this example I am showing how to take a four week section of HFA and make it into eight weeks by combining the options in the art appreciation section. I suggest that you view the sample from the website or print it out and refer to it during this post. It will definitely make more sense if you have the plans in front of you.

Example of How to Spread Harmony Fine Arts Year Plan into Two Years
Look at the sample page from the HFA website:

Week One:
View Le Gourmet by Pablo Picasso, make the painting your wallpaper on your computer desktop. Leave it up there for two weeks and discuss it with your children at some point.(option 1)
Read Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artist: Picasso. (option 2)
Week Two:
Continue viewing Le Gourmet
Drawing With Children pages 116-118(read to yourself). Work through Drawing from a Still Life, pages 116-134, choosing an appropriate level for each child. (option 2)

Week Three:
View Three Musicians (option 1)
Work with the Picasso cards (option 3)
Color one of the Picasso coloring book pages (option 3)
Week Four:
Continue viewing Three Musicians
Drawing With Children pages 117-118(read to yourself). Complete the still life that you started in week 2 or make a new one. (option 2)
Week Five:
View Weeping Woman (option 1)
Complete a notebook page for Picasso using link provided and notebook page provided.(option 2)
Week Six:
Continue viewing Weeping Woman
Work some more with the Picasso cards, perhaps sketching one in your art journal. (option 3)
Color another of the Picasso coloring book pages. (option 3)
Week Seven:
View Girl With a Boat (option 1)
Drawing with Children pages 135-140. Choose another still life and use markers. (option 2)
Week Eight:
Continue viewing Girl With a Boat
Review Picasso. Discuss favorite paintings and perhaps follow the link in the Notes section to view more of his paintings.
Make sure to finish up your notebook page. (option 2)
Complete any other Picasso coloring pages from the coloring book. (option 3)

You can see how I mixed up the activities from the three art appreciation options in the Harmony Fine Arts plans for year four. This sort of combining can be done with any of the year plans you choose. If you ever need some help or suggestions about particular years and how to stretch them out over two years, please email me at anytime.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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