Circle Time-High School Style

Circle Time in high school?

Yep. Every morning we start the day together sharing our Bible reading, journal writing, and poetry memorization. Fifteen to twenty minutes a day with the three of us at the table together help to get our day going, a starting point.

These first few minutes of our day set the tone for us all. It gives us time to share some encouraging thoughts and coordinate plans for the morning. Does anyone need help with a particular subject that day? Do we need to review together for an upcoming test? Do we need to schedule a trip to the library, an Outdoor Hour, some PE time? What is for lunch? This is the part of the day that we check-in with each both physically and spiritually.

Our morning “circle time” at the table helps define the beginning of our day and signal to all three of us that we need to get busy.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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