Charley Harper-Love His Style

I love it when I come across a new to me artist.

Charles Harper

Last week I was browsing my Google Reader and found where someone had some of his artwork up on their blog…..actually it was a needlework piece featuring his style. I did a quick internet search and was lost for a long time just viewing and enjoying his work…especially his birds.

I ordered a poster of this print titled, The Sierra Range, from the NPS to hang over my filing cabinet. (I just love the Internet.)

I love the woodpecker flying with the acorn in his mouth. And do you see the waterfall behind him?

Simple things really excite me and the graphic nature of his work makes me want to get out my paints and give it a try myself. If fact, I am thinking of using this style to paint some tile for my kitchen. For a long time I have been mulling over the idea of creating a tile border around the top of the counter. Until now I didn’t have any inspiration but this style of art would fit right in my home; simple, nature oriented, and colorful.

I would love to share more of his images but they are not in the public domain. Do a quick Google image search and enjoy! Charley Harper

Quail, Tiger Lilies, ferns, Shooting Stars, Dogwood and even a raccoon in this shot!

I couldn’t end it there and found myself on looking for some more Charley Harper items. There are a few books and calendars on (links below to a few of them) that you might be interested in. I am ordering the 2010 Wall Calendar just so we can enjoy the prints for picture study and you can’t beat the price. The coloring book also hopped into my cart….love the black-line images, think of the possibilities!

For children, a memory game, and ABC book, and a 123 counting book! The Memory Game is probably what inspired the tile idea for the kitchen.

Each tile has a small image of one of his paintings.

Love the monkey!!! What about those sweet owls???

Check this website out for images of his work: Charley Harper

Have fun and enjoy! I know I have.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

Calendar and Coloring Book!

And just for fun:

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