High School Art and Music Appreciation in Two Years

Question from a reader:
I have an 11th and 8th grader and need to condense an music/art appreciation study into (hopefully) one or two years. Do you have any recommendations for curriculum? Is there any good way to use your plans, but condense them without it getting too heavy and overloaded?

My Answer:
I would think that you could condense my art and music appreciation plans from four years to two if you kept on track, doubled the pace, and did not complete the optional Artistic Pursuits plans. You could also choose to use only the Annotated Mona Lisa and cut out the Story of Painting since they many times cover the same information. I like the SOP since it has large color reproductions to view, but you could just as easily use the links provided to view things online after reading in the Annotated Mona Lisa. (Samples of all the Harmony Fine Arts art appreciation plans are available: HERE.)

Harmony Fine Arts High School Art and Music Appreciation-Condensed Version

Year One Suggestion:

Grade Nine and Grade Ten would cover pages 1-65 in the Annotated Mona Lisa, most of the first three hundred or so pages in The Story of Painting, and the first one hundred and fifty pages in Classical Music Experience.

Year Two Suggestion:
Grade Eleven and Grade Twelve would cover the last hundred or so pages in the Annotated Mona Lisa, approximately three hundred and fifty pages in The Story of Painting, and the second half of Classical Music Experience.

The pace would be brisk and you may need to trim just a bit off the online viewing. Trimming the plans and keeping on schedule, I think art and music appreciation could could be done in approximately three hours a week if you put your mind to it.

High School art and music
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