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Breton Village in the Snow, Paul Gauguin. Wikimedia Commons.

After writing my latest post on Charlotte Mason style exams, I received several emails and comments asking how I come up with my exam questions. It has taken me a few years to develop a good sense of just how much is enough to ask on these exams and there are some resources that have helped me tremendously.

First of all, in the Charlotte Mason volumes you will find lots of actual term exam questions that were used in the CM schools. These of course are the best sources of ideas since they were what was actually practiced at that time. The concepts are easily applied to any books and materials you have covered in your own homeschool plans if you look at it from the right angle. Read this section in Volume 3: Appendix Two and perhaps this section in Volume 6: Section Three.

You will find lots of great food for thought on Ambleside Online as well. Here is a link to their Thoughts on Examinations. You can also find a whole list of Sample Exam Questions.

I commented on the exam post that we need to remember that a Charlotte Mason style exam is going to allow the child to show what he knows rather than test what he doesn’t know. In the beginning when I was trying to put together our term exams, I had a hard time remembering that concept. Now I remind myself that even my high schoolers like to shine and to share what they know about topics that interest them. I include a variety of activities for the boys to perform during their exams: displays, recitations, drama, artwork, poetry, writing pieces, and oral narrations. I make sure that the exam is not all done with pencil and paper.

More Ideas
Another gold mine of practical ideas and suggestions for term exams is found on lindafay’s website, Charlotte Mason Help. You will find her listing for examinations HERE.

You can also join the Yahoo Group that files lots of real examples of Charlotte Mason style exam questions to go along with Ambleside Online plans. AOExams.

Hopefully you can glean some good ideas for your own Charlotte Mason style term exams from the resources in this post. If you have any resources you use that I don’t have listed, please leave me a comment and let me know…..I am always refining my process.

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