Prismacolor Pens are Superb! And Another Giveaway!

Back in October I was contacted by the Prismacolor company and asked if I would like to review a set of their Premier Fine, Brush, and Chisel Tip Illustration Markers. Did I hesitate? No way! I have always loved Prismacolor products and thought that our family could give an honest review of these markers to my readers.

The pens arrived in the mail and we were eager to start testing them out in our art journals. They were a perfect fit for our Pen and Ink work and the boys got started right away.

After three months worth of test driving, we are ready to give our review of these markers.

First of all, here are the expressions of my two high school aged artists. Please note that these are now the set of pens they ask for when they start their artwork each week and that says a lot to me about how they like them in comparison to our other sets of pens, mostly Sharpies.

  • It takes a little while to get used to the different tips, but once you figure out the way each one works they are great tools.
  • One son loves the ultrafine (size 005) tipped pen and uses it in addition to the brush tip pens in his pen work.
  • The other son loves all the chisel point pens and uses them in conjunction with the 05 and 03 pens for most of his drawings.
  • They both like the colored brush point pens to fill in drawings.

Now my thoughts.

  • I love the feel of most of the pens but like my one son, the ultrafine pens (005 size) are a little hard to use except for stippling or fine detail.
  • I like my pens to have a little more ink flowing so the larger tips (03 and 05) were better for most of my nature journal work.
  • I had trouble controlling the brush tips, but I fell in love with the chisel tips for lettering and fill-in work.
  • I think that the colored pens are a great alternative in my nature journal to watercolors. They give a bold look to the page.
  • I don’t find them to bleed through the pages as much as our other pens, although if you work with the brush tips too much you will get hints of ink on the backside.

Overall, these Prismacolor Premier markers are a great value and give results you can be proud of in your journals and other artwork. I looked for them at Michael’s and found the same set that I was given for review at a price I would gladly pay for a quality set of markers. I just received the latest Dick Blick catalog and these sets of pens are on sale for half price!

Guess what? I asked for an extra set of pens to give away on my blog and they sent me two sets. I have one set of colored Chisel Tip Markers and one set of colored Brush Tip Markers to give away to my readers.

To put your name in the hat, please leave a comment on this entry with your name and an email address. I will be holding the drawing Friday, January 15th. The deadline for entries is Noon PST. I will draw two names and contact you at that time.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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