Harmony Fine Arts High School Art and Music Appreciation Updated


I have been busy updating and revising the high school art and music appreciation plans for Harmony Fine Arts. I have deliberately kept these plans simple and they are easily accomplished in a few hours a week which has kept our family working consistently on art and music appreciation from year to year. Homeschooling for high school can be a daunting task and with Harmony Fine Arts plans for your art appreciation course you will have an easy alternative for your student. I have gathered all the links and divided the resources up over the four years for your family. It couldn’t be easier.

Here is a post about how our family takes these plans and builds a high school level Art History course:
Homeschool High School Art Appreciation.

Music Appreciation: Grades 9-12 are available as a free download.
My grades 9-12 music appreciation plans have always been available as a free download but now they are new and improved with all the links being clickable, updated links for all grades, and an accompanying log sheet to record all the listening done as the weeks go by.

The music plans use The Classical Music Experience along with the Classical Music Start-Up Kits volumes 1 and 2. I also provide online listening links to complement each composer’s study. You can click the button above to find all four years of music appreciation from Harmony Fine Arts. There is a link at the top of the Harmony Fine Arts Homeschool Art website as well for future reference. Please note that I wrote the plans with the first edition of this book and now with the second edition that all the music is at your fingertips with a link to Naxos.com included with the purchase of your book.

New edition of the book with direct access to Naxos.com for listening included with your purchase.

Art Appreciation
All of the grade 9-12 plans for art appreciation have been updated as well. The links are now clickable when you order the ebook, all viewing links have been checked and updated if needed, and there is an updated schedule for the second edition of the Artistic Pursuits books. You have the choice between a print version of the plans or an ebook with a reduced price.

Sample Pages for Harmony Fine Arts Homeschool Art

The art plans are based on The Annotated Mona Lisa along with the Story of Painting book and DVD series. There are links for every artist under study so you can view lots of artwork on line easily.

harmony fine arts button

Harmony Fine Arts art appreciation plans for high school are available as follows:

  • Grade 12 is available as a free download by clicking the button above.
  • Grades 9-11 are available for purchase as either an ebook or in a print edition. I highly recommend the ebook version so your links are clickable (and you save some money).

You can preview grades 9-12 art plans on the Harmony Fine Arts website by clicking the “Sample Pages” button on the home page.

I realized as I wrote this post that I have not written reviews for any of the books used in thr high school plans. I have written a review of the Classical Music Start-Up Kit over on Curriculum Choice. Look for reviews of the books here on this blog soon.

I also plan on sharing how we use these plans in our home with our high school age boys in an up-coming post.

If you have any questions about the high school plans, please email me anytime. Also if you have used any of my high school plans and would like to give a review, please email that to me as well.

Happy art and music appreciation!
Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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