FYI: Fall Artist and Composer

It makes my heart glad to know that so many of you are using the art and music plans that I am offering each season now. I have enjoyed reading your entries and seeing your results. Van Gogh has been a great artist for so many of us this summer already.

With some prompting from readers and a quite a few inquiries, I have decided to again offer plans for art and music in the autumn. Simple plans will be available sometime mid to late August.

The artist for the autumn will be Edgar Degas and the composer will be Sergei Prokofiev. Yes, there will be a ballet focus of sorts but rest assured there will be plenty for the boys to be interested in as well. Remember that I have boys of my own that will be following the plans and they would shoot me if I only included ballet themed art. There will be horses and carriages and so on as well.

I look forward to introducing some of you to Prokofiev. This is probably one of my all time favorites pieces of music and I think it should be on everyone’s play list…Romeo and Juliet’s Dance of the Knights.

So those of you who are busy planning your autumn term and are looking forward to using my plans, I hope knowing who we will focus on will help you get ready. For now, our family is deep into our study of Vincent Van Gogh. We have learned a lot so far about how he used complementary colors and I noticed the boys are pointing them out now when we discuss his artwork. I love the casual way we can learn more about art just by observing the masters.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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