Watercolor Painting Collage

Watercolors and brushes

Summer seems the perfect time to try out some projects that just can’t be squeezed in during the regular school year. I have a whole file of projects that I am hoping to get to with my family this summer.

Saturday afternoon was really hot and nobody felt like doing much. I suggested we do a little project with watercolors. The project is loosely based on this activity:
Non-Objective Cut Up Painting Collage

First you paint your whole page with no recognizable subjects. Just let your brushes play with the colors, blending some colors and using a variety of brush strokes.

Watercolor No Subjects
Make sure to completely fill your page. It is amazing to me that with the same directions you can get vastly different products.

Paints and Whole Page
The colors and forms take on such different personalities.

Sharpie Details
It was hot and we were painting outside so it did not take long for the paints to dry. I added some Sharpie lines to my shapes just to give them a little definition.

One Inch Square Grid
The second step is to turn your paper over and measure off one inch squares. We used a ruler and pencil.

Cut up watercolor squares
Now it is time to cut your squares.

Here is where the projects took completely different roads.

Collage Checkerboard Style
Some decided to put their squares right up next to each other and completely fill the paper. The squares are added randomly and you do not aim to put them back together like a big puzzle. Rather, the idea is to find a pleasing personal design using the random colors, shapes, and lines.

Collage Squares on black paper
I decided to make mine more of a stained glass sort of look by leaving space around the squares so the paper would show through.

I think the results of this simple art project are stunning and you could really adapt it to your own family. The author of the original activity noted above says that any kind of paint can be used for this project. She suggests that you could tie the activity into a study of abstract art, suggesting Kandinsky. You also could spread this project out over several days if you want to. It is also suggested that you could use a paper cutter to make the squares.

I would love to see your results if you complete this project.

Framed Collage
I framed one of the collages and it is now going to hang in our living room.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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