Apologia Chemistry: Why Not?

Making Copper Sulfate Solution

After writing our 12th grade plans in THIS POST, I sort of expected someone to ask my why we are not using Apologia Chemistry this year for our chemistry course. Sure enough, I had an email asking about it so I am going to post my response here on the blog in case you are interested in knowing our thinking.

Here is the question:
I have used Teaching Company Chemistry as a supplement when teaching Apologia Chemistry, and I really like the explanations and demonstrations in the new version. I know you have used Apologia texts in the past; would you be willing to share why you chose not to use Apologia Chemistry?

Here is my response:
Honestly, my oldest son, now 23 years old, used Apologia Chemistry and I had a discussion with him that helped me to come to a decision about the text. I asked him what he remembered about chemistry and how he liked the course. He said that he honestly didn’t remember much, he felt like he would need to take it again to say he understood chemistry, and he was not impressed either way about the text.

Sort of ho hum…..not the response I wanted. So, it made me rethink using Apologia and how to go about making chemistry a bit more meaningful.

Apologia Chemistry has been somewhat like my experience with the Classical Astronomy book. As much as I tried to just schedule it out and have the boys use it this year, the more I couldn’t convince myself. My husband and I decided that our goal is to make chemistry something interesting and to keep it simple. Both of our boys are both having a school year where they are focusing on other subjects so chemistry is sort of taking a backseat. They will more than likely take a chemistry or related class at college so my aim is to give them some exposure, make it interesting, and have them understand the world around them a little better. Neither boy is much interested in chemistry so that is another factor.

One son would rather take astronomy and leave chemistry behind but we made a compromise with the lighter schedule for chemistry so he could study astronomy at the same time. He is only in eleventh grade so we are giving him a little more freedom this year to choose subjects and how to go about studying them.

I still love Apologia and would recommend it for families looking for solid courses in science. I like the format, the style, the voice of Dr. Wylie, the labs are fine, and I think we have had a great experience using Apologia products. It is just the topic of chemistry that has bogged me down.

Now you know.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

Just as a note: We used Apologia Flying Creatures and Astronomy in the grammar years. In middle school we used Apologia General and Physical Science. In high school we have used Apologia Biology, Marine Biology, and Physics.

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