Charlotte Mason High School Daily Schedule

One of my favorite bloggers (LaPaz Home Learning) has posted her son’s 10th grade CM Style schedule. I am inspired to share what we do for 12th grade in our CM style high school.

  • 20th Century History/Economics and 20th Century Literature: M-F with a meeting on Friday to discuss the week’s reading. This time also includes his formal essay writing and literature terms/analysis. Literature also includes poetry and Shakespeare.
  • Bible Study: M-F
  • Geometry: M-F (He is almost finished with this text…he will then use the time for a course in American Government next term.)
  • Chemistry: M-Th (Wednesday is lab day)
  • Art/Music/Trumpet: T-F, 30 minutes of trumpet each day and the other two subjects alternate.
  • Welding and Metal Fabrication: M-F

We also are focusing on reading wonderful books and doing lots of narrating. The books I have chosen seem to lend themselves to lots of discussion so just picking the right books puts you on the right path that leads to narration of all sorts. I also have my son read aloud from some of his books everyday, sometimes his Bible reading, sometimes his poetry, as well as from his history and literature books.

I think the biggest difference I see between what Theresa is doing with her son and what we are doing here is my son does more written narration. Mr. A has become quite good at a quick written narration in a form that makes sense for him. He summarizes, writes quotes, or gives some sort of response to an assigned topic. For instance, he is reading the Grapes of Wrath and as he reads he is keeping notes on the theme of “Man’s Inhumanity to Man” as he goes along. I will be having him write a formal essay in weeks 10-12 from his notes.

We are using “slow reading” of books where we spread a novel or book out by reading only about 20-30 pages per week in each book. This means we are reading several literature selections per week. I waver on this Charlotte Mason idea from year to year. My son would rather devour a book in a few days so slow reading is tedious to him. The jury is out on this concept in our home. At the end of the year I will try to remember to post about how the slow reading effects our learning.

Like Theresa, I feel like you need to wade through a lot of Charlotte Mason information to get to the heart of the ideas behind her style of homeschooling. Ambleside Online can be overwhelming, especially the pages for high school. I try to look at the whole thing as an Idea. An Idea of how to shape your learning…a framework. Once you understand the Idea and get your framework on paper you can fill in with books and experiences that fulfill your goals for your particular child. I honestly think that is the beauty of a Charlotte Mason style homeschool. It is not the particular books or courses you offer but the living, breathing ideas that fill up the space you have provided in your life for helping to educate your children.

I hope this helps another family in their high school journey. Thanks to Theresa for inspiring this post.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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