Teen Smart: Driver’s Education -Don’t Miss This Review!

If you have children approaching driving age or young drivers behind the wheel, you may be interested in this review.

Our auto insurance company recommended Teen Smart driver’s education course in addition to the one we already completed as a way to reduce our auto insurance bill for our soon to be driver. I was skeptical at first about completing another program with my son and he was not too happy about it either. What helped us decide? Our insurance company gives a “good driver” discount to any student that successfully completes the course and for our son this amounts to about a $400 per year savings in insurance premiums. Also, if they keep a good driving record they get to keep the “good driver” status for the next three years. Over time, this course will be saving us big money.

I would call my insurance company and ask if they give a discount for students who complete the Teen Smart program. We have AAA insurance and it looks like there are several others that might give you a reduction in premium. Here is a LINK.

Here is a link to a YouTube that gives you an overview of the course.

The program is a mix of computer video lessons, follow-up questions, parent’s assignments, and then actual on the road activities that you do with your children. The lessons incorporate more than driving rules but also connections between how your lifestyle influences your driving habits. Are they always running late? Are they distracted? Are they taking too many risks? It was very well done as far as content in my opinion and my son and I really enjoyed the program after we got started.

My son and I only had one gripe about the video lessons, much of the camera work is purposefully sort of shaky and fast paced….sort of like a music video. We both got tired of that aspect of the filming of the lessons but we lived with it to get through the course.

It takes about ten hours to complete but that includes lots of driving assignments that you can work into your everyday errands and travels. The program makes you personalize the lessons by asking you to find dangerous spots in your community for driving and then practicing those spots. We were able to finish the program comfortably in about three weeks just using our regular times spent behind the wheel running errands and going about our daily business.

The cost is a $120 but our auto insurance company gave us a $40 off coupon. With the $400 reduction in our auto insurance premium for the year, this program paid for itself.

After completing the program, I am convinced more than ever that this child is ready to drive. For more tips for helping your teen be a better driver, I invite you to read my post: Help Your Teen Be A Better Driver.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

FYI: I purchased this program with my own money and this is an honest review of our experience with the course.

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